We handle all your hardware & packaging using only top vendors globally. Any type of accessory added to your Active-Wear, is the best quality available.

Accessories must start at the same time as your order, as this part of the production is made bespoke, & will take just as long to manufacture as importing or printing fabric. By working this way we will cut your fabric with all items in place, with your order going smoothly to the finish line, delivered to your receiving address in the best possible time.

Heat Press

#1: Your artwork handover in PNG, TIFF, PDF, AI or CDR.

#2: Inform your height & width

#3: Using Pantone as a ref. for print colour  inform us the Pantone number, or simply say, for example “Black Print”.

Note. For larger size in heat press, please forward art work for a quote


MOQ 300m /style /design. $1.50 USD per meter (estimate)

#1: Your Artwork Handover in PNG, TIFF, PDF, AI or CDR.

#2: Inform us the width of the jacquard.

#3: After importing, we assemble into your styles, promoting your brand in a very professional way.

Bio-Degradable Ziplock Bags

Bio-Degradable Zip-Lock Bags. MOQ 1,000 pcs.

#1: Your logo artwork in PNG, TIFF, PDF, AI or CDR

#2: Specify your choice of print colour using Pantone guide (below) or just mention, for example, black etc.

#3: Choose from sizes below or mention your size for a quote.

#4: Your order will then be packed using a Bio-degradable bag


Pantone website : https://store.pantone.com/eu/en/fashion-home-color-guide-tpg.html

Pantone Colour books can be expensive, so if you do decide to buy, then best to request the TPG version,. as it’s the most practical when working with prints.

Questions about the Accessories ?