The questions & answers below will explain all from your hand over, to sampling, to production & dispatch.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

You can order the Starter Pack here. This is by far the most professional & quickest way to get you started in your own Activewear line.

With the Starter Pack, may I choose a different shape or colors to what you show on the web site?

Starter packs are pre-made & contain a selection of colour cards & real fabric swatches, mostly all recycled, showing their wicking & compression properties, elasticated jacquard for branding & some great bio-degradable packaging, all you really need to go through the fabrics, color’s & accessories to get together your handover ready for costing to be sent over to us.

How do I get my styles/collection priced?

Send us via the Upload page here or via email, or via Dropbox for large size files.

What format do I send my collection to you in?

You can send them as shapes, or as photos, screen shots, tech packs or any way that you feel works for you. Sketches we find all the most demanding & can be a real challenge to work from, unless they are very clearly laid out. You can also send the real samples via courier.

Do you use recycled fabrics?

Yes, we do. You can see the list of fabrics here. There are many other fabrics but to add, we find these the most workable and high grade, selling well into retail

Are your fabrics certified recycled and Eco Friendly?

Yes, all the fabrics we use are certified by OEKOTEX & we can send you the certificates for your web site etc.

Can you plain dye any colour I choose?

Yes, we can. We require a colour reference from Pantone. MOQ is 350-450 meters per colour & takes up to 2 months to land to our facility. For this reason, mostly, customers will choose the fabric colors on the cards & use our services for print, 70 meters per motif digital.

Can you print my motifs?

Yes. Via digital print using Italian MS print machines here Deep rich color’s & no fade or bleed resistant to Chlorine & salt. We also print in Bali on Vita recycled Polyester

Digital print on Repreve is by far the highest grade of printing you will find.

What format do I send you my print motifs in?

They must be sent over in Vector format, high resolution .tiff or .psd repeatable in the correct mm size. Often drop box is used for this purpose.

Can you manufacture accessories to my request?

We have a great selection of accessories here In the main all can be branded. Costs on request. If you have some specific style or designs that we don’t offer, we may be able to help, send your requests via email.


How much does it cost to make a sample?

From your estimate prices provided, we charge $30.00 USD sample fee + 2 X W/S price.

What’s the average cost to make samples?

We charge 2 X wholesale + $30.00 USD sampling fee.

Average wholesale prices, Inc. all. Tops $15.00, Leggings $19.50

Do you make patterns by hand or by 2D AUTO CAD?

We are one of the only factories in Bali who has a state of the art computerize pattern making system. This means your patterns will be graded to mm perfection. We employ 5 highly skilled pattern makers.

How many sample sewers do you employ?

Our sample team consists of 20 highly trained personnel, most of whom have worked with us over 10 years.

What’s the total cost, for say, 10 samples?

All in cost, Inc. the fabric, make up, packed & delivered to your door, $750.00 USD

How long is the sample process?

We aim to complete any sample request handed over & priced, within 6-weeks.

Can I make my own designs, my own private label?

Yes, you can. We only require your shape & fabric choice.

If I choose your styles from your catalogue, can I mix & match the collection?

Yes, absolutely, the shapes shown are new on trend, mix them up with your shapes to create something amazing. Make edits to ours also.

Can you help me with designing my collection?

It’s not so easy as we don’t know what you want to make. We require you to hand-over your collection to us or choose from our online catalogue.

Can I choose any colour from your colour cards to make my samples?

Yes, you can, but this will add some weeks to the process as we do not carry all color’s in stock & have to import for you. Should we have to import them the time required is one month. We do have a list of stock fabrics, info on request. If you’re from AUS then you can buy sample meters from or direct from & send them to us. In the main we make samples in white or any available colour in the fabric you have chosen.

What happens if my samples need edited, adjustments?

Then we go through if & when that happens. We find most collections are perfect first run with some minor adjustments that can easily be amended for production. The team we employ are the best in Bali at what they do so if you do have something more than minor, we do all to rectify quickly

What’s the cost to send samples to me, say 10 pcs via DHL?

Using our DHL account, around $70-100 USD


Do you require the approved samples sent back?

Yes, we do. It’s well worth noting that without these samples back to our facility could result in several weeks delays in your production schedule.

Why do you say your cheaper than anybody else in Bali?

We have been granted by the Indonesian authorities the only license in Bali to import fabrics without paying tax & duty. This means we pay around 40% less than anybody else does for our fabrics. This reflects in more profits for you or cheaper end retail prices.

How long is the production process?

If we are importing your fabrics or any bespoke accessories, then one month to handle that & then 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture, Q.C. & dispatch. If your choosing color’s & accessories from stock, then you will save one month. So, 6 to 8 weeks.

What is MOQ for production?

We have two plans, choose from either Pro plan A 1,000 PCs, 100 PCs per style, 7 PCs per size & colour or Simple Fast Plan B: 500 PCs per style, 5PCs per size & colour.

Do you handle the packaging?

Yes, we do. We supply several types, Bio-degradable cassava bags free of charge, or plastic zip lock bags with an additive from which degrades the bag to its organic state. Chargeable MOQ 1000 PCs. We also make cotton drawstrings bag branded.

Do I need to be there to oversee the production.?

No, you do not. You will not see anything until the final packing & goods are getting ready to be dispatched.

What are the payment terms?

50% deposit on order & 50% balance before the goods are shipped

After I receive the delivery, if any of the garments I deem are faulty, do you offer credit notes?

We sell goods ex-factory meaning they are sold ready for dispatch. Our prices are low and you may request to come over to check your order. Should you desire then we will send the boxes to your hotel in Bali to be checked. All goods pass through three layers of quality control. 1,000 PCs activewear is just 5 boxes. On average we find less than 1% rejects so the choice is yours. Cost to bring in external QC is around 50 cents per piece.

Shipping, Tags & packaging & DHL

Do you organize the branded hang tags from Carvico, Econyl & REPREVE?

Yes, we do. In the case of Econyl® tags, you will need to write to us & request their contact details which we will provide only once you have placed an order with us.  Plain Vita will have two tags gunned & Repreve digital prints, one.

What type of packing do you provide?

We pack every piece into a Bio-degradable bag with a sticker that says I AM NOT PLASTIC free of charge.

Do you have other types of packaging?

Yes, we do. We have a zip lock bag made with added additive from Geo-Eco-Pure Also we sew & print many types of cotton drawstring bags.

Do you ship to any address & what’s the costs?

Yes, we do. In the main we use DHL or we can use conventional air cargo. The costs on average are 70 cents to $1.30 USD per pcs anywhere globally. 3-5 working days from dispatch

Do you handle the imports into my country?

No, we don’t. We will however assist with DHL to your door, with a tracker number so you’re aware where the package is and when it will arrive.

Do I pay taxes into my country?

Yes, you will in most cases. We suggest you contact DHL in your local area beforehand to know the taxes or tariffs that you will pay.

If I’m unclear on anything, how to contact you

You may contact us via WA +62 8135 398 6679 email & somebody most suitable will respond to any request you may have.

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