Easy steps on how to create a
Sustainable Activewear Brand


Easy steps on how to create a
Sustainable Activewear Brand

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Activewear Bali is the largest and longest-running Tax-Free Bonded Zone in Bali, producing eco-friendly, sustainable activewear and yogawear for startups and established brands alike. The facility allows us to import high-quality fabrics at the same price as lower-quality fabrics sourced locally. 

With almost any design you can imagine, we specialize in custom-made swimwear and activewear.

In order to maintain our commitment to sustainability, we use reclaimed fabrics manufactured by REPREVE® in the United States, Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy, and Power-Fit in Korea. 

If you have a keen eye on what’s trending & some savvy social media skills, you are already halfway to starting your own sustainable Activewear label.

Additionally, we provide free personalized guidance on how to turn your ideas on paper into reality by using our most suitable fabrics and colors. We have a team of Activewear specialists available to assist you at any time.

We offer comprehensive Starter Packs that provide entrepreneurs with all the tools, resources, and guidance they need to start a sustainable Activewear brand.

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Supporting the community

Activewear Bali is pleased to support Bali Street Mums, a New Zealand-based charity that provides safe housing to mothers and children who are forced to live off garbage dumps and begging. Contact Kim via W.A or email.


Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces per PO, for example, 150 Activewear leggings and sports tops sets, 30 per design and three pieces per size, colour, and print. In your collection, you may combine as many designs as you like in a maximum of five sizes.

More About MOQs

Here is an example of a typical handover.

Custom Made Designs

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a tried and tested method for assembling premium quality Activewear at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to elevate your designs, never cutting corners, giving your customers that WOW factor when they receive their orders. It is what we specialize in. Over 85 colours are available in stock or you can request any colour to be imported. In addition, we are able to print digitally with amazing true-to-life colors that never fade.

With some great designs, fabrics & colours or prints, your Activewear will feel as good as any brand you care to mention.

Using the latest colours of the season or any unique digital print, let your creativity soar.

Read more on how to add Custom Designs

2024 Women's Active - Ready Designs

The Ready Designs were compiled from our most popular shapes of 2023 and our knowledge of what is likely to be in fashion for SS 2024. Being the manufacturer for many great Activewear brands, we know what’s hot and what’s not. A fast-to-market solution for any budding entrepreneur to get up & running with their own sustainable Activewear label in a cost-effective manner.

With our ready collection, the 2X wholesale charges are credited back when you place a bulk purchase order, making all samples free of charge.

Example Prices

The prices below are all-inclusive of the finished articles made from imported recycled fabrics

Typically, our activewear has a resale value of approximately 4.5 times our wholesale price; for example, a full-length legging sold at 19.00 USD retails for approximately $89.00.

When you place a bulk PO order with us for 300 units, or 150 sets, it only buys you 200 units, or 100 sets from any other Bali Active supplier.

How To Order


Choose one of three methods for pricing your collection

Custom Designs

1. Custom Designs

The first step is to determine the price of your design. Please provide us with a few images of the front and back of your product, as well as a brief description of any changes to your imagery. In addition, you may send over technical packs or clear line drawings. Upon receipt, you will receive the best price for a superior quality product within a few days. 

Send an email or WhatsApp message in Word or PDF format.

Pro Tip.
By adding notes and asking questions, collections can be priced more accurately.

Ready-To-Order Collection

2. Ready-To-Order Collection

You may find inspiration in our ready-to-order collection shot in September 2023. We have selected each design based on a best-seller or according to our knowledge of what will be trending in Spring Summer 2024.

Add your styles to a sample request form, select the fabric colour or print in which you want them produced, and send them over via email or WhatsApp.

The inside back of each piece is heat-pressed with your custom-branded logo to make each piece uniquely yours.

Take note: You may also edit any designs, for example, making the waistbands higher/lower, adding pockets or mesh lining, etc., for a fee of USD 30 per article.

Download the 2024 Ready Designs

Mix & Match Designs

3. Mix & Match Designs

You may combine some of your designs with some of the ready-to-order designs by completing our ready-to-order form. We will review all requests and get back to you as soon as possible.

You may send an email with as much information as necessary if you do not enjoy filling out forms.


Super Fast Timelines

Starting from just three days, we offer the fastest turnaround times for samples.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for requests for imported colors/prints.

Depending on whether you choose stock colours or request imported colours or prints, the time of year, and so on, the lead time varies.

Upon request, our customer liaison team will provide the fastest turnaround time possible.

Read More about Sampling


Ready to Order

2 x Wholesale

Sample fees are credited back to your deposit when you place a bulk purchase order, making samples free of charge.


Custom Designs

2 x Wholesale plus $30 in management fees

When you place a bulk purchase order, management fees will be credited back to your deposit.

Selecting Plain Colours or Requesting Prints

Plain Colours

Keep in mind what we have in stock when selecting colours. Selecting your colours as & when necessary will be critical to the success of your brand. There is nothing worse than seeing SOLD OUT on your website or having to wait weeks or more for custom colours to be imported. Additionally, selecting from stock allows you to add more colours to your collection. Colours for custom orders are imported in lots of 70m.

We carry colours from REPREVE® in the US, Carvico & ECONLY in Italy & Power Fit in Korea.

For activewear brands that target gym addicts, high-compression fabrics such as Eco Olympus are most commonly selected. On the other hand, brands targeting lighter workouts, athleisurewear, and Yoga, similar to what Lululemon produces, require a fabric with more flexibility, such as Comfort Lux, our most selected fabric.

All of our fabrics are squat-proof, moisture-wicking, and body-enhancing. 

Select your plain colours


We are the only company in Bali offering a true digital print service on Nylon and sublimation printing on Polyester. Colours are true to life and never fade. You can see the printer in action.

Despite popular belief, printing is easier and faster than dyeing.

As printing drawings can be expensive and time-consuming, we recommend purchasing ready-made prints from sellers such as Shutterstock.com.

Read more about adding prints.


Approximately 95% of the fabrics in our inventory are made from salvaged fishing nets and plastic bottles instead of new materials. Take a peek at the incredible journey from fishing nets to luxury fabrics that Kelly Slater, the 12-time world champion surfer, was instrumental in starting.

By using recycled fabrics over new fabrics, we can reduce our carbon footprint by as much as 80%. This allows you to claim that your activewear brand is produced sustainably and ethically.

Find out more about sustainability.


Starter Packs

With one of our starter packs, you can feel the quality of our Activewear and understand how we size. Each pack contains one fabric swatch of each fabric on our website. It also contains the fabric’s corresponding laser-copied colour cards and some elasticated jacquard & packaging, which can be branded using your custom logo.
If your brand requires strong compression, select Eco Olympus. For more flexibility, lighter workouts, every day athleisurewear & Yoga, select Comfort Lux.

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Fabric Swatch Packs

To aid in fabric selection, we’ve compiled a fabric swatch for each fabric we offer on our website. This will allow you to feel the texture, hand feel, shape retention, drapeability, and pilling resistance of each of our fabrics.

USD 65.00, including express DHL delivery.

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