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Adding high-quality accessories to your collection plays a huge role in your brand’s final look, increasing sales & ultimately your success. Well branded articles will catch the buyer’s eye & can easily see your label outshining & outselling any direct competition you may have. We see it so many times.  Spending a few extra hours working with our graphics team often results in a collection that not only looks amazing but sells out over & over again.

The vendors we use also supply LululemonStronger the label & Carbon 38 & PE Nation, to name a few. 

If you have any of your own requests, we require your supplier’s name & details. We can assist the handling & purchasing to import.

Virtually anything is found on Once selected, send the link

Custom Branding

“Branding is everything” is often used in the garment industry. Ultimately, your brand will be judged based on the product’s ‘look’ & originality. Most brand owners add their custom logos to the entire collection since they know the positive effect on sales.

A great example of building brand awareness is Nike’s “Just Do It”, or the symbol. Over time, buyers will recognize your logo & brand name as one of quality & it’s you they will come to first when looking for to add something new. to their wardrobe.

We add your custom logos to the inside back of every article using a heat press. We can also add Custom branded elasticated Jacquard under the bust & around the waist as many of the bigger brands like NIKE & Adidas do or additional heat presses and silicone grip to any article on request.

Once you’re clear on the accessory choices, fill in our Tick-Box form & email
Upon receipt, we layout your logo in your selected colours sent back for approval.

We require your artwork, logo & layout emailed over in Vector format (EPS, PDF, CDR, JPEG) in high resolution (300 dpi).

Any issues, email our communication team, who will pass your work over to our graphics team to lay them out in a professional manner, in most cases free of charge.
We do not accept anything drawn by hand.

Note that we import all custom brand requests. Allow 2-3 weeks to process.

Heat Press

All Active/Yogawear is now branded via a Heat-Press instead of fabric labels.

Samples – no minimum order
Production – 300 pieces.

As we require your Heat Press prior to cutting any order & can take several weeks to produce,  make this a priority.

If you’re requesting colours other than displayed, we require the Pantone ref.
For example, seeking Dark Blue, we found this.

Commonly requested colours



  1. Custom branding is invoiced separately, non-branded accessories will be included in the price we calculated from your handover of designs.

  2. When adding heat presses to your samples, we use a small in-house printer to allow you to check placement and layout only.
    Available in black & white only.

  3. Heat presses for production are imported using higher-grade machines than we use for your samples.
    Available in any colour, will not crack or peel under normal circumstances.


Avani Bag - No MOQ

Every article is packed individually into a biodegradable bag made using 100% cassava root.
Cassava, being edible, means once discarded in a landfill or your garden & will decay to organic matter in a day or two. 

Custom branding MOQ 10,000 pcs + $150 metal cylinder fee
10 cents per bag

They come as seen below.


Natural Fabric Bags – MOQ 300

They come custom branded one side one colour.

Most natural fabrics bags are made from woven cotton as drawstring bags.

One side one colour print 22 X 26 cm USD 1.50

One side one colour print 25 X 35 cm USD 1.80 

Custom sizes, prices on request.

Biodegradable Zip-Lock EVA bag

Available custom branded one side one colour produced using EcoPure®, an organic additive causing the plastic to biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes in any landfill over a year.

Available in frosted or clear.

We offer two sizes.

One side one colour print 20 X 17 cm USD  1.30
One side one colour print 19 X 26 cm USD 1.50


Elasticated Jacquard

This replaces normal elastic around the waist & under the bust and occasionally as straps.
MOQ 300 meters per artwork in two colours.
Price $1.50 per meter.

We require a detailed drawing showing all sizes as below.

activewear accessories

We require a detailed drawing showing all sizes as below.


Once your clear on the accessory choices, fill in our Tick-Box form & email. 

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