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Most brands nowadays are working towards being able to offer an ethical & sustainable solution to their products. It’s not all just about being Earth-friendly; it’s about our future generations & the planet that we will leave them with.

Since our inauguration way back in 1990, we have been working with recycled fabrics & are constantly seeking new ways & fabrics of a premium nature to import & offer to our client base. At this present time, we are looking at the possibility of importing recycled cotton for the next generation of natural clothing production.

Working closely with ECONYL® supplying recycled Nylon yarns to Carvico in Italy for their Vita & RENEW range & REPREVE in the US, who produce some of the highest grades of recycled fabrics suitable for all types of Swim, Active, & Yogawear collections.

ECONYL® is produced from salvaged fishing nets & other post-consumer waste as well as recycled plastic bottles. REPREVE is made from reclaimed Nylon waste.

Human resources

  • Employees are paid well over the minimum wage, & one extra month’s salary per year (13 in total)
  • Every employee is eligible for free medical insurance covering doctors’ fees, prescribed medication & hospitalization. We also extend this to their spouse & up to three children. 
  • Every employee is provided with a freshly cooked healthy meal for lunch every day.
  • We provide a glass of fresh juice with Vitamin C, D, B & E each morning to all staff.
  • Should overtime work become available, each employee has the right to refuse or accept as they see fit & is never enforced. 
  • We pay double wages for the first 1.5 hours & triple for additional hours worked.
  • Our facility is fully air-conditioned & on par with any western establishment.

For every 1.000 tons of ECONYL® Raw material used, we save 7.000 barrels of crude oil and avoid 6,500 tons of C2 eq. 

Read more on our Eco-Friendly fabrics.


We use Huntsman Eco Dyes from the US, OEKO-TEX® & GOTS Certified the Global Organic Textile Standard, protecting our planet for future generations.

The testing and certification process on which our standards are based guarantees maximum consumer safety & means the harvesting of raw materials is handled in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, providing credible assurance to you & your customers.

Tax-Free Import Licence

We are the sole owner in Bali of an exemption against Tax & duty on imported fabrics. This was granted as we adhere to all wages, overtime payments, holidays, waste management, & much more. As such, we are a Tax-Free bonded zone saving 40% on costs landed on overseas fabrics.

We offer full transparency in working conditions, open for any inspection you may request, most commonly now organized via a WhatsApp video call with one of our team.

Other companies also import fabrics but must pay considerable Tax & duties.

Bali Street Mums

We Give Back
With every Bulk order, we gift to a female-led charity Bali Streets Mums, devoted to the welfare & education of women & children who typically scavenge their living from rubbish dumps. They rehouse them & teach how to read & write & other basic needs.

You may contact Kim from NZ via her website. or via WhatsApp on +642102 997784

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