1Question 1 : Will orders be impacted by the recent 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

All our suppliers in China are working as normal or at least at 70 % capacity. Fabric, plain or print, accessories & the like are flowing to Bali on commercial jets, not passenger aircraft. DHL & FedEx come daily as per usual.

Carvico has closed due to concerns for their employees, so for the time being we will not be importing any new fabrics. However, we have 15,000 meters of Carvico in stock, meaning selecting from these stocks will see your orders made on time.

For the latest order updates, we recommend that you save our Hotline number +62 813 3204 8405

2Question 2: Will my shipment get delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID -19)?

We have not been provided with any data that suggests any disturbance to our production of bulk or samples.
Samples & bulk are sent via FedEx or DHL, these are running as per normal.

3Question 3: What's the best alternatives to Carvico fabrics?

We have the sole distribution for Repreve from the USA, a super high grade 100% recycled fabric, has a super soft hand feel, almost identical in colour & price to Carvico Vita. I have added a link to the colour card here

Should you require to see & feel the texture of this fabric then payment $30 USD to our PayPal payment@kingtrading.com account.

As most of the fabrics used in activewear are made in China with full production, no issues at all.

4Question 4: Are there any delays in sampling or production in Bali?
No, none at all. Production is on full speed & the sampling room is the same as it ever was. Incoming re-orders are down on last year but that’s to be expected. Most clients are working actively on their next collections & or making smaller orders using our Italian stocks.
5Question 5: Do you have stock fabrics of Carvico in plains?

Yes, we hold around 15,000 meters in several fabrics in many colours. We also have 20,000 meters of a high-grade nylon spandex called Jayatex. Both of these fabrics will last us for the next 6 months, though some colours will undoubtable run out as time goes by.

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