Our shapes & yours - Mix Active & Swim + ladieswear - Select your styles across collections - Super versatile options - Lowest MOQ in Bali

Mix & Match is a term used when your requesting to order across collections, some of yours & some of ours. You can order all in active or a mix of active & swim, or some of our styles & some of yours.

Our production facility handles around 50 new bespoke shapes every day from patterns to completion. We know how to make your shapes not only fit well but look & feel great on, giving you the opportunity to sell to the same clients over & over again. We have a ‘Ready-to-Go’ collection of shapes, all pre-patterned & graded ready to cut, no need to sample. If you choose to order directly from our catalogue, then there are no additional costs & you only pay the invoice for the actual bulk order. If you still desire to see the samples, then we charge at twice wholesale, nothing more.

The catalogue shapes are based on the best-selling styles of the season. The catalogue is re shot twice a year available online in February & August

See the Ready-To-Go Active Styles here

See the Ready-To-Go Swim Styles here

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