Dispatch & Delivery

DHL and FedEx deliver packages to and from our office on a daily basis. There is a charge for sending or picking up packages, including import taxes. As importing into Bali can be challenging and costly should you declare the goods’ value incorrectly, most customers choose to use our company’s DHL account for both sending and collecting packages.

It is strongly recommended that you read the following notes before sending any goods to us.

Sending packages to us or requesting a pickup

To arrange a pickup, we require two days’ notice.

There is a maximum allowance of ten articles per package. Please send two packages if you have more. 

Prior to requesting a collection from your designated address, please send us your packing list.

A few notes

  • Only send packages via courier with a sign on delivery.
  • Please mark your goods as SAMPLES ONLY – NOT FOR RESALE.
  • Describe the goods and values along with the number of units.
  • The average customer values each article between $8 and $10.
  • Remove all price tags and labels.
  • If you mark your values too low, Indonesian customs may fine you.
  • It is not recommended to use postal services such as EMS, which can take weeks to arrive.

The following is an example packing list. Please send us your packing list via email.

It is impossible to predict what Indonesian Customs will charge for duties and taxes on imported goods. Upon receipt of the invoice, you will be required to pay these charges in order for the goods to be cleared and delivered.

Our company only provides advice and is not responsible for the costs associated with importation.

Delivering packages to you

A tracking number will be provided to you one working day after collection.

The prices listed below are estimates only, and include insurance up to the value of the packing list, as well as courier fees.

Our courier rates are non-negotiable and payable in advance.

Please note:

  • From the time of the uplift until the delivery to your door, please allow three to seven working days.
  • Production orders are packed in boxes measuring 36 x 58 x 46 cm. (15 x 23 x 18 inches)
  • Importing goods to certain destinations requires a company tax number.
  • If you are unsure whether your destination is restricted, please contact your local courier office.
  • In most countries, there is a 10% duty plus VAT or GST on landed costs payable prior to delivery of the goods.

You must verify that the delivery address and active daytime mobile number you provided are correct.

Please be advised that we are only tax-free for importing fabrics into Indonesia, and we cannot assist with any charges payable upon entry into your country.

The courier will attempt to deliver the goods to your designated address two times, after which they may be returned to Bali.

Use these links to track any package – DHLFedEx.

For any other questions about dispatch or delivery, please contact us prior to the goods being picked up.

Get in touch with us

If the above sounds a little complex, it’s not. If you are still trying to figure out the best way to handle dispatch or delivery costs & regulations, then contact one of our team who will assist you with any form of collection or delivery.

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