Getting Started

Your first step should be to price the designs you have selected. To begin, we require images, such as screenshots of the designs you would like us to create, both the front and back views, as well as any changes you would like us to make. Additionally, you may provide technical packs or good, clear line drawings. It is not necessary for us to know the exact colors, prints, or custom branding in order to provide a quote. Anything like this will be handled once you approve our pricing. 

In order to estimate prices more accurately, we will need a clear handover.

In order to ensure that you are all clear, it is best to read the next question regarding selecting stock colors as opposed to requesting colours to be imported.

For more information, please refer to Handover to Costing.

When you select stock colors, we will be able to cut orders as soon as we receive your purchase order. Additionally, as there is no minimum order quantity for stock colors, you are able to include more colours in your PO and have orders ready for dispatch in approximately six weeks. It is possible to dye your colors if you can not find them in our stock. These come in 70 m rolls and generally take six to eight weeks to arrive. They must be used up in your production order, so you may not be able to add as many colours as you would like.

It is essential to the success of most brands to be able to process orders quickly.

Read more about this on our Fabric Page.

We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces per bulk order, such as 150 sports tops and leggings, 30 pieces per style, and three pieces per size, colour, and print. Your collection can include any number of designs, colours, and sizes.

The MOQ remains the same if you combine custom designs with our ready-to-order designs.

We do not accept designs that require more than two fabrics or more than three colourways.

We accept PayPal, bank transfers, and Payoneer. With Payoneer, you can make payments with credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 

Payment for samples is usually made by PayPal in full and for bulk orders by bank transfer with a 50% deposit to begin and a 50% balance when the goods are ready for delivery.

There are two main reasons for this. We were awarded this facility due to our compliance with all of the rules and regulations set down by the Indonesian government regarding employee treatment. This includes offering free medical insurance to each employee, their spouses and up to three children, including doctor visits, prescribed medication & hospitalizations. 

Owning this licence saves us 35% import tax when importing fabrics, which all other Bali Swim producers must pay, adding a large cost to your production invoices.

Read more about this in Tax-Free & Ethics.

Using high-grade imported sustainable fabrics, we charge, on average, USD 20 for plain dyed leggings and USD 15 for sports tops and shorts. If you wish to have your designs printed, add approximately. $2.50 for tops & shorts, & $3.50 for leggings

Yes. All our prices include non-branded accessories and a heat press logo pressed on the inside back of each item.

We invoice separately for accessories such as branded elasticated jacquard.

Read more in Accessories.

We have always strived to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. Almost 100% of our fabrics are recycled and sustainably produced, reducing your brand’s carbon footprint by as much as 80%. Our materials are sourced from high-quality suppliers such as REPREVE® in the United States, Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy, and Power-Fit in Korea. All of the fabrics we provide are OEKO-TEX and GRS certified. 

Additionally, all packaging is 100% biodegradable cassava bags and dyes from Huntsman in the United States or DYSTAR in Germany.

Furthermore, all packaging is made from 100% biodegradable cassava bags, and the dyes used are from Huntsman in the United States or DYSTAR in Germany.

The company offers free medical insurance to all employees, including their spouses and up to three children. This covers all visits to the doctor & hospital visits, as well as any medication or surgery required. Each employee receives 13 months’ wages per year, with two months available during the main break. Additionally, we provide one freshly prepared meal daily, one glass of fresh juice, and vitamin supplements daily.

Our organization contributes monthly to Bali Street Mums, which helps mothers and their children who rely on garbage dumps and begging for their livelihood. In particular, the children are vulnerable to sex traffickers & a life of misery. Kim, the organizer from New Zealand, is responsible for running the safe houses, where children learn reading and writing skills prior to entering an Indonesian school. The children and mothers receive free health care, toiletries, clothing, and shelter. Kim can be reached at +642102997784

Our Ethics page provides more information.


It varies depending on several factors, including complexity, time of year, holiday seasons, and the number of orders in the queue waiting for patterns. Some cases require four weeks, others six to eight.

Read more about timelines in Sampling.

Ready to order
2 X Wholesale
Sample fees are credited back against your bulk purchase order deposit, so you can enjoy FREE samples when you place a bulk purchase order.

Custom designs
2 X Wholesale + $30 management fee
When you place a bulk purchase order, your management fees will be credited back to your deposit.

Yes, we are Bali’s largest manufacturer of custom-made Activewear. We manufacture approximately 100 Activewear brands per year. Currently, we employ over 50 sample specialists who handle an average of 20 new custom designs per day. We use state-of-the-art 2D auto-CAD digital software to create our patterns, with each sample being produced by a skilled machine operator. Custom-designed Activewear is our speciality.

Read more about Custom Activewear.

We never promise that your designs will be produced exactly as you expected. We do all we can to take in all the data you provide & replicate it as best we understand as your sample collection. If any slight changes are to be made, we can do that using our 2D auto CAD digital pattern-making software. Edits are simple and quick & save weeks making new samples & cost nothing. Should any samples arrive obviously different to your handover, remakes are usually free.

Later on, once you make your sample payment, on request, we provide a free mock-up service, allowing you to see your collection in its styles, colours and prints to help you visualize what your collection will look like on a model.

See an example Mock-Up.

Once you have approved our prices, you’re ready to place a bulk order. You can do this by filling in a Bulk Order Form & sending it back to us. If you find this form tricky, send over your handover any way that best suits you. You will need to know the designs, the fabric colours & or prints & any branded accessories, especially the layout for your heat press.

It depends on whether you selected your colours from our stock or requested prints, plain colours, or branded accessories to be imported. Anything to be imported is handled first.

Most brands who have worked with us for some time pre-order anything that requires importing, as it takes 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive. Prioritizing any artwork, custom branding, or printing requests while your samples are being produced is advisable.

Bulk POs are normally dispatched within six weeks of receiving your fabrics & accessories. There are times of the year when order volumes are higher, so it’s smart to place your order earlier or allow more time.

See some examples of bulk orders here.

We work with international body sizes plotted in 2D AUTOCAD. 

Check our Size Guide to ensure they fit the market you’re selling to. Generally, we work with sizes XS-2XL.

See our Size Guide

Fabrics in Plain Colours

We consider fabrics the most critical component of any Active or Yoga wear brand. We offer fabrics with varying compression degrees depending on the market you’re selling to. Activewear brands, for example, require high-compression fabrics, such as Eco Olympus. Yoga & everyday wear or Athleisure brands require more flexible fabrics, such as Comfort Lux or our latest fabric, virtually identical to Lululemon’s latest fabric, Nulux.

Yes. We carry over 30,000m in 80 on-trend colours in stock, ready to cut at a moment’s notice. These have been imported from Carvico & ECONY in Italy, REPREVE in the US & Power-Fit in Korea, allowing us to cut your order the same week we receive your PO.

Almost all are recycled & sustainably produced using reclaimed fishing nets & plastic bottles.

See all the fabrics we offer.

No, our stock fabrics have all been imported fresh roll-based, allowing you to select your colours as you need them without waiting weeks for fabrics to be imported.

Yes, as long as they are synthetic & come from the US, Italy, Spain, Australia or China. We must import the fabrics, manufacture the Activewear and export them to any overseas destination.

We never sell fabrics & any fabrics imported have to be used up in your production PO.

Yes, we dye colour rolls based on 70m lots. One roll produces around 50 sports tops and legging sets in as many designs as you like.

Custom colours must be used fully in your bulk purchase order. 

Allow 6 weeks to land.


Yes. Almost all of our print requests are printed in China using Italian MS Print machines due to the superior colour saturation compared to that which can be achieved in Bali using digital printing on nylon and sublimation on polyester. The minimum order is one roll per motif, and the fabrics usually arrive in Bali within five to six weeks.

View our print machines here

Read more on how to add prints

Yes, occasionally and only when time is limited. Comfort Lux, Eco Olympus & Nulux are in stock and can be printed upon request.

Allow one week to print.

Ready-To-Order Designs

Yes, you can find our packs in our shop.

If you are just getting started, getting any pack is a great way to learn more, costing little and allowing you to handle real fabrics and swimwear.

Shop Fabric or Starter Packs

Yes, we produce two collections of activewear a year assembled from some of our latest bestselling styles & our knowledge of what will trend in spring summer 2024.

Download the 2024 Ready-to-Order Catalogue

Yes, your brand logo is added as a heat press or cutaway label on the inside back of every article. We also brand elastic for under the bust & around the waist using elasticated jacquard, as Nike does.

Yes, many of our clients work this way. You can add your selected designs to this form and send it to us, or work in any format you prefer, like Excel.

Branding & Accessories

Yes, we can add your brand logo by adding a heat press to the inside back of each article. We also often add elasticated branded jacquard around the waist or under the bust to make your active wear stand out clearly displaying your brand logo such as Nike and other quality sports brands do.

Read more about Accessories.

We require files in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. If this is an issue, please send us what you have, and our graphics team will see what they can do to help.

In some cases, we can; it depends on what you’re looking for & whether we are able to match your request with a producer. Send us what you need, and we will let you know.

Dispatch & Delivery

Yes, we can ship via FedEx or DHL. You will receive a tracking number once your order has been shipped.

Please take note. In order to ensure that your samples and production orders are insured, including covering courier costs, we add 2% to the value of your goods. A very small percentage of all shipments have problems such as wet or broken boxes or missing items, which are issues with the courier, which we follow up on.

Generally, yes. It depends on the regulations in your country. Your local DHL office will be able to provide you with more information.

Yes, the customer is responsible for freight costs, usually using our DHL account.

Alternatively, you can use your own courier account.

Send them to us using a courier account with a tracking number & signature on delivery, or we can pick them up using our DHL account.

Never use EMS or postal services as they can take weeks to arrive.

Read more in Dispatch & Delivery.