Sizing Guide in cm

Updated Jan 2021 - (for inches x by 2.4)

How to measure

Holding the tape measure securely, measure the four key points.

1. BUST. Over the fullest area of the bust & straight around the back

2. UNDER-BUST. Directly under the bust & straight around the back

3. WAIST. The waist is below the abdomen between the rib cage and hips

4. HIP. The fullest part of the hip ensuring the tape is straight around the body

5. INSEAM. From center crotch to the length of garment



To ensure a long lasting quality, we recommend the following:

Hand wash with fresh cold water after use.

Do not machine wash using chemical detergents, as they can affect the hand feel becoming harsher. If you use a detergent we recommend a gentle detergent with no moisturisers.

Sun cream, tanning cream, or chlorine can damage and discolour swimwear, so use caution when exposing our products.

Edits to our size guide

Using the digital 2D AUTO-CAD we easily grade or size up or down according to your instructions. For example, some European, American & Scandinavian brands choose to grade up one size, making our size M their size S. Simple inform how you want to go with the sizing & we will discuss with our pattern makers. Also, sending over your tech packs with your sizes can be complex & often does not work well. Reasons simple, the sizes we work with are tried & tested & are actual body sizes.