Sustainable Activewear.

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Sustainable Activewear.

Start from Scratch - We handle all


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Creating your own Activewear Brand


Activewear Bali, a division of King Trading, the largest & longest running manufacturer in Bali of sustainable Eco-friendly activewear, producing bulk & sample orders for 300+ start-up & established brands globally. Our commitment is that whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, to produce the highest grade of product at the lowest price possible, adding premium grade recycled Italian or American fabrics & high class branded accessories.

If your dream is to create a Activewear brand in your custom-made designs, incorporating recycled Italian & American Lycra into the production, then you’re in the right place. We have the know-how to turn your concept & ideas from paper to reality, as good as or better than any brand you may care to mention.

Our English-speaking team will be with your order all the way, from costing your custom designs to sampling to production & delivery to your door. In addition, they’ll give you the tools you’ll need to add high-grade custom branding & accessories to create the most iconic collection possible.

Our production facility is fitted out with high-tech German-built sewing machines, able to assemble any design, such as doublesided, seamless, reversible, adding cups & wires with ease & to perfection. For patterns, we use digital 2D AUTO CAD software & printers.

We are a Tax-Free Zone!

In 2007, we were awarded by the human resources Dept. for good treatment of our employees adhering to all regulations in waste management etc., a tax-free status on the import of fabrics. As such, our facilities are classified as a Tax-Free bonded zone, the only one in Bali.

Read more on our Tax-Free status

Bali Street Mums

With every bulk order, we allocate some of the proceeds to Bali Streets Mums, a charity devoted to the welfare & education of women & children in Bali, who scavenge their living from rubbish dumps. You can contact Kim from NZ via WA on +64 210299 7784 or via their website to donate. USD 10 will feed ten kids for one day.

See our Ethics Page

Getting Started & Costing

Getting started on your own Activewear brand is far more straight forward than you could imagine. All we require are your collection of designs to be made in what fabric colour or print to get your collection priced. This is referred to as a handover. You can select from a vast array of imported fabrics as well as adding digital prints & some amazing bright shine, rust & chlorine metal accessories.

Lowest Prices

The prices offered include high grade recycled fabrics from Italy & the US, with as many accessories added as possible.

All-Inclusive prices in USD

Italian recycled Econyl plain Lycra
Leggings $19, Sport Tops $15

Read more on Getting Started & Costing

Fabric Choices

Depending upon the plain fabrics & colours you select from stock or requesting to be imported, adding prints will alter your sampling & production bulk order timelines.
Importing any fabrics plain or print, + 3-4 weeks.

Selecting stock fabrics MOQ 20m per colour
Selecting fabrics to be imported MOQ 70m per colour.

Grow Organically

If you select from our stocks, as soon as we have a free slot in production, your bulk order will be cut & moved directly into sewing. The same also applies to your reorders or top-ups.

Read the difference between selecting from our stocks or importing in our Fabric Section

Embossed Patterns on Fabrics

We now offer embossed effects onto Repreve Tahiti for swimwear & Comfort Luxe & Eco Olympus for Active. Embossing is a system of pressing the fabric under high pressure, and at high temperature, creating a three-dimensional effect, allowing you to decide on the finished look or texture, for example, embossed leather look. Select a plain colour & send over your art work as an AI, EPS, CDR, PDF in Vector format – MOQ 4 rolls per motif (280m). Add $400 for metal cylinder & approx. $3.50 per meter to process. Email your requests & put EMBOSSED in the header. A few examples below.

Foil Fabrics

Embossed Fabrics

Requesting Prints

We print two ways, Digital print on premium grade American Nylon overseas & via sublimation on Poly in Bali. Unfortunately, there are no digital print machines in Bali for synthetic fabrics.

Read our section on how we handle your prints


At Activewear Bali, our commitment & promise to you is to produce the highest grade of samples at the lowest price possible. In addition, we assist you in sampling & your handover of your collection & advise on how to colour match on request.


Samples are charged at twice our estimate price + a management fee of USD 30 per style.
For example, an activewear legging priced at $20 USD will be charged 2 X $20 + $ 30 = $70.00. Our fees are all-inclusive to finished articles with as many non-branded accessories added.

Send over your collection to be priced here

Time Lines

As this year has been very unique with more sample requests & bulk reorders than ever before, means the normal 4-6 weeks required may been extended. Add to that some unique factors such as health protocols & restrictions in flights effecting our fabric & accessory imports, means we may require some additional time. We will advise you upon contact the expected time line for any sample collection.

Read more in our Sampling Section

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantities

Is 300 pieces, in up to 10 designs, 30 pieces per style & 4 per size & colour. See some examples of bulk orders values.
Sampling MOQ – from 1 to 12 designs

Reorders MOQ – 300 units or 150 sportwear sets, 3 units per size & colour.

Re-orders do not take the same time as sampling & first bulk orders. If you’re selecting from our stock fabrics, reorders drop 6 weeks from your order placed.
We will advise you on your MOQ in adjusting your Bulk PO to accommodate the minimum order requirements.

Read more in our Production section


Your patterns & grades are produced digitally to international body sizes.
Our pattern makers are skilled technicians who work on your patterns using our state-of-the-art computerized digital 2D Auto CAD software & printers. Working digitally is far superior to working with paper, allowing us to make incremental changes to any designs.

See our Body Size Chart

Custom-made Designs

We are world-famous as a specialist custom activewear manufacturer produced adding premium grade imported recycled fabrics. The most important part of the whole bulk order process is your handover of designs to be made in what fabrics. So be sure with your styles, fabrics & colours & ask our swimwear specialists anything you’re unsure of using the contact form below. We offer 4 ways to hand over your designs to be priced. See our Handover & Costing page

Ready to go Designs

banner frontapage ready to go designs 2banner frontapage ready to go designs 2 overlay
ready to go designs swim lightready to go designs swim black

Seeking inspiration? Look no further.
We have selected the best on-trend designs for 2021. All styles have been patterned & graded using our digital 2D Auto CAD software to body sizes.

See our Ready-To-Go-Design’s page

Active and Swimwear Starter-Packs

If you want to know our quality, size and fit, feel the textures & see the colours on offer & be able to touch the accessories, then purchasing a starter pack could be the best investment you ever made.

Grab a Pack in our Store

Sampling Studio

Dispatch & Delivery

To ensure fast & reliable delivery of any order, we offer a complete logistical service, working directly with FedEx & DHL. Both arrive daily at our office, picking & dropping off packages. 5-10 working days from goods uplifted.

Read more about Dispatch & Delivery

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Need to speak to somebody?

Fill in the form or chat via WhatsApp, 9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9-11 am
Contact us via WhatsApp +62 811 3999 520 or by email at

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We endeavour to reply to any WA email or chat in max one working day.

All of our activewear specialists are trained & able to answer any question you may have to mind.

On-site Inspections

Due to restrictions with travel to & from Bali, in most cases, we hold WA video calls.
We can show you our studio & factory & anything else you would like to see.

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Sustainable Activewear

Create Your Own Iconic Activewear brand

Download our 2021 Easy Steps Guide

Sustainable Activewear

Create Your Own Iconic Activewear brand

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