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Easy steps on how to create a
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Activewear Bali produces and exports eco-friendly, sustainable Active Yoga & Athleisurewear to startups and established brands worldwide. We are renowned for our attention to detail & holding the highest grade of sports fabrics in stock in Bali, offering squat-proof, body-enhancing & moisture-wicking properties. Fabrics are produced from reclaimed fishing nets and plastic bottles from REPREVE® in the United States, Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy, and Power-Fit in Korea using our tax-free facility.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product at the lowest price in the shortest timeframe. Our reputation was built on sustainability, great prices, and outstanding attention to detail.

If you’re starting from scratch and require some guidance, you’ll find everything you need in our comprehensive Starter Packs. 

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive advice and guidance via email, WhatsApp, or free online consultations. We know that chatting with one of our online Activewear experts, collections are delivered as expected first time around with samples priced faster at better price points.

With every order placed, we support a charity run by Kim from New Zealand. It’s Kim’s goal to get street kids who scavenge their livelihoods from garbage dumps and begging, into safe houses & off the streets.

Contact Kim via WA.

With a keen eye for current trends and some social media skills, you are already halfway to being the owner of a successful sustainable Activewear brand.

Activewear Bali, turning dreams into reality.


Here is an example of a typical handover.

Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces per PO in as many designs, colours & sizes, for example, 150 activewear leggings and sports tops sets, 30 per design, three pieces per size, colour, and print.

Custom Made Designs

As a custom Activewear manufacturer, we can produce nearly any design upon request. After 30+ years in the industry, we have developed a tried and trusted process for assembling premium-grade, high-quality activewear at the lowest price in the shortest time.
Any design can be produced in a variety of fabric colours and prints.
If you are ready to unleash your creative juices, run your own business, and live the dream, we are here to assist you in making that dream a reality.

2024 Women's Active - Ready Designs

Our Ready Design Collection is a compilation of reworked best-selling shapes from last season, with all the latest 2024 hottest designs added. Selecting your styles from our RTO collection is an ideal fast-to-market solution for any budding entrepreneur looking to get started in their own sustainable Activewear label at brilliant price points in the fastest possible way.

On placing your bulk PO, we credit you back the 2X sample charge, making samples free of charge.

Example Prices

The prices below are all-inclusive of the finished articles made from imported recycled fabrics.

Typically, our Activewear resales for 4.5 times our wholesale price; for example, a full-length legging sold at 19.00 USD retails for $89.00.
An example order with us of 300 units, or 150 leggings & sports tops sets, only buys 200 units or 100 sets from any other Bali Activewear supplier.

How To Order

Design Selection

Design Selection

The first step is to decide whether you will use your own custom shapes or select from our ready-to-order shapes. Take note we charge much the same for custom designs as we do ready-to-order designs.

Fabrics and Colours

Fabrics and Colours

Next step is to select the fabric/s that you consider offer the correct amount of compression and flexibility your designs require, taking note of the colours available in stock for each fabric. If the colour/s you’re seeking are not in stock, we import them in 70m lots. When picking colours from stock, no MOQ is applied, allowing more colours to be added to your bulk PO.

We keep 80 on-trend colours, the largest stocks of imported fabrics of any active manufacturer in Bali.
All fabrics offer great squat-proof, body-enhancing & moisture-wicking properties.

See the Fabric’s colours



Last but not least, you should price your collection. By comparing our prices with those of any other Bali producer, you’ll know how much lower our prices are.
Collecting prices early on allows you to calculate profit margins, total investment, and so on.
Click below and lets get your designs priced.

See Our Factory


Super Fast Timelines

Starting from just three days, we provide the fastest sample turnaround times.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for requests for imported colors/prints.

Timelines can be affected by how many clients are in the queue, time of year, etc. We will get back to you with any request for samples directly with our best estimate on the time required.

Read More about Sampling

Sample Fees

Ready-To-Order Designs

2 x Wholesale.

Upon placing a bulk PO, sample fees are credited back, making our RTO samples FREE.

Custom Designs

2 x Wholesale + $30 management fee.

When you place a bulk purchase order, management fees will be credited back to your deposit.

Selecting Plain Colours

We keep a huge selection of some of the best trending colours of 2024 in stock, ready to cut at a moment’s notice. We also import any colours not in stock on request.
Selecting the correct fabric for the activity your producing for, will be critical to your success. Activewear brands that target gym addicts, high-compression fabrics such as Eco Olympus are most commonly selected. Conversely, brands targeting lighter workouts, athleisurewear, and Yoga, similar to Lululemon, require a fabric with more flexibility, such as Comfort Lux, our most selected fabric.
Nothing is more frustrating than seeing SOLD OUT on your website and waiting weeks for custom colours to arrive.

Adding Prints

We are the only company in Bali offering a true digital print service on Nylon and sublimation printing on Polyester. Our print quality far outshines anything in Bali with true to life colour saturation on super soft imported fabrics.
See the printer in action.

Despite popular belief, printing is easier and faster than dyeing.
Drawing prints can be expensive and time-consuming, so we recommend purchasing ready-made prints from sellers like Shutterstock.com.


Almost all of the fabrics in our inventory are made from salvaged fishing nets & plastic bottles imported from Italy, Korea, & the United States. Among the key contributors to turning ocean waste into premium-grade fabrics was 12-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater. Using recycled fabrics over new reduces our carbon footprint by as much as 80%, allowing you to claim your brand to be sustainably and ethically produced.

Discover how this project came to life.


Client Feedback

I've had an incredible experience working with Activewear Bali. The quality of my samples has been fantastic, and I'm excited to be preparing for my first bulk order with them. Chessy especially has been wonderful to work with! 😊🙌🏻 Thanks, guys!

Sinead Disaya

Rise N Shine Yoga

I added some prints, something I never did before. The prints came amazing, the colours were spot on & have lifted my website up several notches; I couldn't be happier with the activewear team. Thanks for all your great workmanship.

Jennifer Austeen

Athletika Sports

I'm totally in love with the cool touch fabrics that Activewear Bali used for my leggings & sports tops. Even in the heaviest workout, I never break a sweat. Also, the compression works perfectly for my active & my yoga wear ladies. I'll be back with my next order ASAP!! 🙂

Natasha Arnawa

Fabrika Active

This is the first time I placed a wholesale order online without knowing the factory. The samples came & only one top had to be tweaked & the production order sold out in the first month. Thanks you Chessy, who worked with & all my concerns. You're a star!!

Howie Howard

Alovina Yoga

We are so happy to work with Activewear Bali. The process was smooth and up to the standards. The products' quality is high, and we love our collection. Thank you for your great work

Aline Ghorayeb

Over & Above Gym Supplies

I received my first round of samples, and it is clear that the activewear Bali team possesses real expertise in manufacturing activewear. Thank you, Chessy and team, for all your help and advice along the way. Looking forward to a long journey with you.

Shreeya Abhirami

Energy Empire

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