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With a proven track record of 32 years in the garment manufacturing industry, we have provided hundreds of start-up and established brands with the tools and resources required to become independent in running their own sustainable active or Yogawear business.

We specialize in the production of custom made Sports Tops & leggings in both plains & super-sharp prints using only Eco-certified dyes. In addition, we are the only bonded tax-free company on the island, saving  40% on imported fabric costs, making us the first choice for brands seeking a low-cost sustainable, carbon-friendly solution.

Our production chain uses imported Italian, US & Korean fabrics upcycled from salvaged fishing nets and discarded plastic bottles, helping keep our oceans clean & biodiversity healthy.

With your selected fabrics in hand, POs & samples are being dispatched four weeks from deposit delivered to the door via DHL.

Contact via email or WA; we have a team of online consultants here to help in any way possible to get you up & running in the best way possible.


By selecting us as your manufacturer, you can rightly claim your brand is sustainable and eco-friendly, with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Virtually all the fabrics have been upcycled from salvaged ocean waste, such as reclaimed Nylon fishing nets & discarded plastic bottles, keeping our oceans clean & biodiversity healthy.

We import our fabrics from Carvico in Italy, such as Vita Power, blended with Xtra Life Lycra & ECONYL® Yarns, as well as REPREVE™ from the U.S.

If you’re ready, price your collections here

MOQ - Minimum Order Quantities

We offer a low MOQ of 30 units per style, 5 per size & colour, with a total amount of 300 units or 150 legging & sports top sets.
For example, six designs in several colours &/or prints in up to 5 sizes.

Read more about our minimum orders

Costing your Collection

To price your collection, we only require the designs you want produced in what fabric/s, either in plain or print.

We offer three ways to hand over.

  1. By far the most popular way is by adding screenshots, tech packs or line drawings with some notes on any changes you want implemented as a Word or PDF Doc sent via email or WhatsApp
  2. You can also drag & drop your custom designs on our Costing Page
  3. When selecting designs from our Ready To Go Collection, add the code of each design to this form & send back via email

Once received, you’ll hear back from us in a couple of days with the lowest possible price for the highest grade products.

Once you have paid your sample or bulk invoice, we mock up your collection free of charge, a great way to see clearly what your final collection looks like.

See a full mock here

Our all inclusive Prices

Printed Leggings $22
Plain Tops & Shorts $16
Plain  Leggings $19
Printed Tops & Shorts $18

Printed Leggings $22

Plain Tops & Shorts $16

Bali Activewear Manufacturer

Printed Tops & Shorts $18

Bali Activewear Manufacturer

Plain Leggings $19

Bali Activewear Manufacturer
Bali Activewear Manufacturer
Bali Activewear Manufacturer
Bali Activewear Manufacturer

The example prices above are for fully finished articles produced using recycled high-grade Italian, American & Korean Power fit fabrics.

You can expect to mark up approx 400% on the prices we offer you.

Custom Made Activewear

It is imperative when assembling Activewear that machines optimized for handling the individual sections of each article be used.

Activewear must be sewn & assembled using machines designed to handle each section of each style. We use these machines to stitch around the ankle, inner seams, the waist, and under the bust to ensure they do not break, crack, or pucker.

Once completed, they will be able to handle any workout, regardless of its intensity, providing the proper amount of compression and flexibility.

Custom Made Designs

Patterns are created digitally using 2D AutoCAD software, far more accurate than traditional paper patterns.

We work to International Body Sizes, be sure to check out our Size Guide

2023 Ready To Go Collection

Our latest collection of ready to go designs was assembled with our in-depth knowledge of what’s trending, selling hard & fast for the summer 2022 season.

Any design can be altered slightly, for instance, making the waistbands higher/lower, adding pockets or mesh lining, etc.

If you’re seeking inspiration, click the video below to see all the designs fitted on the models &/or download the Catalogue inc prices here

Fabrics & Print

We hold the largest stocks of ECO-On-Trend textured fabrics in Bali, over 30,000m ready to cut on demand.

We Digitally print using a super soft imported Luxe American Recycled fabric.

Starter Packs

Any starter pack offers you a huge advantage in knowing the quality you can expect your orders will arrive & how well our Activewear fits the body.

Inside each pack, we have added some elasticated jacquard and additional heat presses, both of which can be branded + a swatch of each fabric on our website & their corresponding laser copy colours cards. Feel the different textures of each fabric, know the amount of compression they offer & see all the colours in stock or to be imported.

Lively Set

Felix Set

Maven Set

Select a Starter Pack

Fabric Swatch Packs

We now offer a great tool to help you get started.

If you are confused about the fabrics on offer, & you would like to see & feel them in your hands to klnow eachs each fabric’s texture then why not select one of our fabric packs. Inside each pack you will find one real swatch of each fabric displayed on our website + their corresponding laser colour copy cards.

See the packs here