Getting Started

You should check the price of the designs you intend to use as a first step in creating a sustainable activewear line. With your collection in hand, next job is to choose which fabric you’ll use. As different fabrics offer different characteristics, such as stronger compression or greater flexibility, take care when selecting fabrics. As an example, brands catering to gym addicts like Stronger the Label, requiring stronger compression, would select Eco Olympus and those needing more flexibility, such as Lululemon and Alo Yoga, would select Comfort Luxe. All of our fabrics provide excellent hand feel, superior moisture wicking and sweat absorption as well as excellent body enhancing properties to ensure your designs fit like a second skin.

If you are selecting your colours from our stocks, we can start cutting orders from the moment you place your PO. If you request colours not in stock, they are imported in 70m rolls which adds two to three weeks to your delivery timeline.
At this point, we don’t need to know your exact colour, print, or custom branding to provide prices. This will be addressed after you approve our prices. Take note that most of our plain fabrics costs similar, with prints costing slightly more.

As soon as you have approved our prices, we will assign you an Activewear specialist to assist you with designing your custom logo, which will appear throughout your entire collection. We add your brand to the inside back of each article as a heat press, brand your logo under the bust or around the waist using elasticated jacquard & add your logo to your packaging. If you want your brand to stand out in front of the crowd, adding your brand name or logo will make your collection as iconic as any brand you wish to mention.

If you’ve got a keen eye for what’s on trend and some savvy social media skills, you’re well on your way to starting an environmentally friendly & sustainable Activewear brand.

Read more on our Fabrics & Colours page.

Three ways to Price

We offer prices for fully factored garments, non-branded accessories, and one custom-branded logo heat-pressed into each garment.

1. Custom Designs

We only require the front and back screenshots of websites that inspire you to price your designs. In addition to tech packs, clear line drawings are also acceptable. If any changes need to be made, please add a note.

Please send your designs by email or WhatsApp in Word or PDF format.

2. Ready-To-Order Designs

For the upcoming season 2024/25, we offer a collection of updated best-sellers in the latest trends in design and colour.

You can add your favourite designs to this form, along with the fabric colour or print you would like them to be produced in.
To make our designs truly unique, we heat-press your logo on the inside back of each item.
For USD 30, most designs can be edited, for example, by making the waistbands higher/lower, adding pockets or mesh lining, etc.

Download the 2024 S/S Collection

3. Mix & Match Designs

It is also possible to combine your own designs with our ready-to-order designs. Add your styles to the following form and send it back to us. As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm your request or to clarify any questions we may have.

Alternatively, you can send any data over to us via email for review if filling out forms is not your thing.

If you require clarification, please add notes.

The lowest price for a premium-quality product will be sent back to you within 2-3 working days.

Example Handover

Here is an example of a typical handover from a start-up Activewear brand. They provided us with images they would like reproduced along with notes regarding the changes they want made in the colours they selected. This is used to price their styles. If these are approved, we can begin sampling. Compared to working with paper patterns, we work digitally using 2D autoCAD software based on known international body sizes. This allows us to create patterns or make changes in minutes rather than days.

Example Handover Mocked Up

As soon as the prices have been approved, we will send you an invoice to begin sampling. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you back a free mockup of what we envision your collection to look like. If you do not like any part of the mockup visually, we can make changes. Upon approval of the mockup, the fabrics are cut & sampling begins.


We construct samples based on your handover of the designs, taking into account any notes you added regarding fit, construction, and stitching.

Once we’re clear on what you’re seeking to produce, we’ll assign you an Activewear specialist, who’ll contact you to schedule a callback to discuss over your collection.

Throughout the process, she will be available to discuss other topics, such as branding, printing, etc., which are always handled while the samples are being prepared for your bulk order.

Samples are constructed with a team of 60 pattern makers, seamstresses, merchants, and assistants, in our sample studio.

Final Word

We trust the above data explains clearly how to launch your own brand in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. The following links will allow you to book a free callback, send over some designs via email, or begin a chat with an activewear specialist to discuss any questions you may have.
We handle it all, from sampling to delivery to your door.

We wish you the success you deserve, and look forward to seeing you trading soon.


Let’s build your ideas together.

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