Getting Started

Getting started in your own Activewear brand is far simpler than most imagine. We have fine-tuned the whole process from start to finish from your selection of designs, fabrics & colours handed over to us to get priced, through to sampling, to bulk orders with delivery to your door.

Many find that selecting one of our starter-packs to be the most cost-effective direct way to get started in their own sustainable premium grade activewear brand. If you want to know the actual quality of our production, see & feel the colours fabrics & accessories then go here

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantities

Sampling – from 1 piece up to 12 designs
Production – 300 pieces up to 10 designs, 30 pcs per style & 3 pieces per size & colour. A sportswear set is classified as two pieces

Selecting your designs

Your designs or ours?

We are world famous in the production of custom-made private label designs to your request. If your desire is to create your own iconic label, with your own designs then we are more than able to assist. Custom made activewear produced to a high standard to your individual’s taste can easily have the greatest impact on your target audience. We also produce our own ready to go designs that you can select from.

Read more about producing your own Custom-Made designs here

Allow 4 – 6 weeks from payment to samples in your hands.
Twice a year we go out with the best photographers & videographers & models on the island & shoot the best shapes from the upcoming season.
See our Ready to go designs here
Allow 4 weeks from payment samples ready for dispatch.

i. A choice of many, is to select some of our designs as well as adding some of their own. We are incredibly versatile when it comes to brand building designing or selecting designs for your collection.

ii. More experienced brand owners or ambassadors with a better understanding of their client base, most commonly create their own custom label private design.

Selecting Fabrics, Plains or Prints

Remember, the choices made at start on which fabrics & colours to add into your sampling collection, are normally the ones used in production. Choose wisely. Selecting from our stocks allows you to add more colours to your bulk orders with production taking only 4-6 weeks. If you decide to use fabrics & colours that we have to import, then less colours possibly will added & more time required to manufacturer. (unless you’re ordering over 1,000 units in total)

Selecting sample colours from our stocks – No MOQ

Stocks held are the latest best-selling colours, flown in via weekly drops. They are not left-over fabrics.
Sampling time line 3 – 6 weeks.
See our Stock Fabrics here

Selecting your production colours from our stocks – 20 m per color.

Requesting fabrics to be imported

Any fabric or colour not in stock, we can import for you to make your samples in the exact colours you’re after. These are purchased in 2-meter sections & flown in, chargeable.
Sampling time line 5 – 7 weeks.
See our Fabrics to be imported here

*Issues such as branding & accessories are discussed once your samples are on the go.
*We require your artwork (logo & layout) for any branded heat press, packaging, clips & so on as soon as you have started sampling.
See our accessories page here

Are you ready? Let’s price your collection


Handover is a word you’re going to hear often. Basically, it’s your collection of designs & fabric choices sent over to us to get your collection priced.

All we simply require is your handover of designs as screen shots, weblinks or references to any design on any website with notes including going over any changes you want implemented. With that in place, we price your collection

i. You may send us your sketches. Sketches are the least desirable as most open to interpretation. Sketches always require website references of similar designs.

ii. Adding notes & other illustrations to your handover is normal & often very helpful. The better the clarity the better the chance we have at sending you prefect samples.

iii. Requests for branding & accessories will be discussed once you have started in sampling.

See just how simple this actually is – Handover Examples

Moving to Costing

Select one of four ways to work. We check all your designs & notes to ensure all is clear & understood. In 5 – 7 working days you will receive back the very best bulk wholesale price.

1. Email your custom private label designs – Most Popular
From your folder of designs

2. Select from our Ready to Go Designs
Download this form, fill in & send back to us
*You may send us your handover from both 1 & 2

3. Upload your collection via our website
Locate your designs & add one by one to our Upload page

4. Send the real samples via courier.
If you have some styles you want copied, send those over via any courier. Do NOT use EMS or any postal service as can take two months to arrive right now.

*Read how to send samples here

Final Word

If the above sounds complex, it’s not. We are here to assist in any part of this journey via the contacts below. Online brands are very now & will only but grow at an incredible pace over the months & years to come.

If you desire to grow organically, then selecting from stock fabrics will see your bulk orders landing much faster with top ups & reorders in most cases landing in 4 weeks. That’s lightning fast for any manufacturer. We carry the largest stocks of premium grade recycled fabrics in Bali

We are the only company to offer a digital print service. You can only print digitally on Nylon. In Bali all suppliers print via sublimation on Polyester. Digital is far superior.

Accessories & heat press will play an important role in the final look of your collection, so do research & discus with us your requirements.
Our objective is always the same. To produce the highest grade of product at the lowest price in the fastest time.


Chat via Whatsapp icon +62 811 3999 520 GMT +8

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality online brand

Download the 2021 Active/Athleisure/Yoga Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality online brand

Download the 2021 Active/Athleisure/Yoga Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020