Getting Started

Launching an eco-friendly activewear brand requires three steps. The first step is said to be the hardest. We are here to make the process as seamless as possible. Let’s get started.

Custom or Ready Designs?

As a specialist in custom activewear, we can produce any design you have in mind. In addition, we produce two collections of ready-to-order designs annually. The price you will receive includes your brand logo heat-pressed onto the back of each article.
Every piece is packed in biodegradable bags, retail-ready.

Selecting your Fabrics and Colours

Selecting colours from our stocks allows bulk orders to be processed faster. As stock colours have no MOQ, you can add more colours to your bulk PO.
Colours not in stock are flown in weekly in 70m lots. Stocks are not leftovers; they are flown in as orders are cut.

Fabrics & Colours

Adding prints

If you love prints, we print using MS Italian print machines overseas, due to the colour saturation & true-to-life to life imagery being far superior to anything in Bali. These are then flown in via weekly flights.

Read How to Add Prints

Three ways to Price

We offer three ways to price your selected activewear designs. We require the designs you wish to produce in the fabric colour or print you want them produced in. Select one of three ways below, and upon receipt, we’ll provide you with the best possible price for the highest grade of product. Only after you approve our prices do we require to know the actual colours and prints you will add.

1. Custom Designs

Submitting custom designs is simple and straightforward. Nowadays, brand owners usually send screenshots of their custom designs with notes on any changes they want us to implement. You can also send tech packs and clear line drawings. Send your handover via email or WhatsApp in Word or PDF format.

2. Ready-To-Order Designs

Our ready collection features some of our best sellers and latest trending shapes moving into late 2024. What you see in the catalogue is what you will receive in the fabric colour or print you selected. In many cases, clients save time & money in sampling & move directly to bulk. To sample or not is always your choice. We add your custom-branded logo on the inside back to make our designs uniquely yours. 

Add your selected codes, fabric and colours  to this form, along with the fabric colour or print you would like them to be produced in.

View the latest 2024 Collection

3. Mix & Match

It is also possible to mix and match our designs with your own. Send over your chosen designs, including our design codes, screenshots of your custom creations, and any changes you want to be implemented as an email.

Handover and Mock-Up Example

Below is a good example of a client handover. They used screenshots and notes with the fabric, colour, and print they wanted produced. They also added their custom logo and design layout for their heat press.

After we provided the prices & received payment for samples, we provided a 2D mock-up of the collection in their chosen colours and a print to allow greater visualization of their collection’s appearance when produced.

Here are some points to consider when requesting prints:

  • Printing is faster and simpler than plain dyeing.
  • Since creating prints can be expensive and time-consuming, it is advisable to check out sites such as Shutterstock for ready-made prints.


Let’s build your ideas together.

If you have any questions on how to get started with your own sustainable brand, then contact us using the links below, and one of our Activewear specialists will get back to you.


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