Getting started with your own Activewear brand is far simpler than you may imagine. We have fine-tuned the whole process to allow you to get on with what matters most, selling products & making money.

Issues such as branding & accessories we discuss once you have starting sampling.

Below, we go over the steps with links to the respective pages. Selecting your designs, your fabrics in plain print & then how to get your prices. It’s all here & all you will require to get started in your own sustainable activewear brand. Let’s get you started!

Starter Packs

The easiest way to get started is by grabbing a Starter pack.
3 new 2021 sets/styles packs to select from

Selecting Your Designs

First things first, selecting your own designs or using our ready to go designs, or a mix of both.

A. Selecting Custom Private Label Designs
Sampling Time Line - 4 to 6 weeks

Read more about your Custom Design choices.

B. Selecting our Ready to go Designs
Sampling Time Line - 2 to 4 weeks

Read more about your Ready to go Designs.

What’s next?

Selecting Fabrics, Plains or Prints

Plain Stock fabrics
MOQ 20m per colour

Stock colours are the latest best-selling colours, flown in via weekly drops. Selecting from stock fabrics will see your brand growing much faster & more organically.


Using stocks colours for your samples most likely means you will be using the same ones for your bulk orders. This will allow you to add more colours with reorders dispatched in just 4 weeks.
Read more on Stock Fabrics here

Importing Fabrics
MOQ 70m per colour/print

We fly in fabrics from Carvico & REPREVE™ weekly.
Allow 4 weeks for transit.
Read more on Importing Fabrics here.

Requesting Prints - Always a priority

We print your motifs in 2m sections. These are then used to make one of each sample. Whilst we are printing, we run up your patterns whilst waiting for prints to arrive. If you’re stuck for time, we print in Bali via sublimation on a Renew Techno.
See more about Printing here

Handing Over your Designs

Now we move to price your selection of designs in your fabric choices.

Make sure the handover you present us is to the point & relatively easy to understand. Complex handovers often cause delays with back & forth emails, losing time & often a source of much frustration.


We do not require complex tech packs. In most cases similar designs to your own can be found online. These can be a good starting point. Screenshot images front & back, make some notes or edits & hand these to us. 90% of all handovers are handled this way. Simple, effective & fast.

See some Handover Examples

Moving to Costing

Select one of four ways to work. We will check all your designs, notes to ensure everything is understood.

In max 3 working days you will receive back the very best bulk wholesale price.

Send over your designs as screenshots, tech packs, line drawings or sketches, or occasionally as the real samples via courier. We do not require complex tech packs

1. Email your designs – Most Popular

2. Upload via our website.
Locate your shapes on your PC or mobile device, go to Upload page, select your fabric & click send.

3. Ready to go designs
See our Ready to go Designs here. Once you have made your selection, fill in the Sample request form

4. Send your real samples

Use FedEx or DHL. Do not use postal services (Post office EMS etc) as can take up to ten weeks to arrive.

Read how to send samples here

Good clear handovers result in samples in your hands 4-6 weeks dispatched via courier to your home.

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