Production Procedure

As soon as you’re ready to produce your bulk order then we require your approved samples sent back to us.

If you selected stocks colours then these will be cut the day after we receive your payment. If you selected fabrics to be imported plain or print, then these will be ordered as well as any branded accessories & takes on average 3-4 weeks to arrive

The first thing we handle is to cut your fabrics using rotary hot knifes for maximum precision. Then it’s onto the sewing department using speciality machines geared to task for each job, for example, inner ankle stitch, waist band & under the bust, inside legs seam, double needle stitch & so on.

The final stage being QC. The quality control personnel will ensure that any branded fabric hang-tags or metal-work is sewn on. Then it’s over to packing where each item has one final quality check before being packed into a Bio-degradable bag & readied for dispatch.

The goods you will receive will be ready to sell direct from the box.

Calculating Your Orders


300 PCs, 30 PCs per style, 3 PCs per size & colour.

When your calculating your production order, you will have two considerations.
1 - how many colours or prints you will use
2 – your total units per style colour & size

Italian Stocks - 20m per colour
Fabric to be imported - 70m roll based per colour

The majority of our customers order, selecting some fabrics from our stocks and some to be imported

Lead Time:
Selecting Stocks - 4 weeks
Selecting fabrics to be imported - 6-8 weeks

Custom Shapes

Any designs that have been sampled & approved will be manufactured according to your approved samples.

Ordering from our Ready-to-go-Designs

You can send us via email any styles you have selected from our catalogue. You can also mix across your Custom designs & our Ready to go Designs.

See our Ready to go Swimwear & Activewear Catalogues.

Once you are clear on your selection, we only require your brand logo which we heat-press into the back of each garment (along with the washing instruction etc).

Your brand logo can be sent as EPS, PDF in vector format. If you are unfamiliar, then send us over what you have & we will check to see our graphic team are able to bring to high resoltion, normally free of charge.

Mix & Match

You can select to order some of your designs & some of ours. Also, you can select to order some in swim & some in activewear, as long as the total order comes to 300 units (150 sets for example)

Selecting Stock colours

As we carry over 5,000 meters of Italian Sportswear fabric stocks. You may select from these in 20-meter lots. Selecting Italian stock fabrics will see your order, in most cases, complete ready for dispatch in 4 weeks.

See our Fabric Stocks

“Ordering directly from the Ready-to-go designs, & selecting from the Imported stock fabrics, I received my first order in exactly one month, selling online. Totally impressed with swimwear Bali”
Sally McCain - Sea Sand & Sky (California)

Selecting Imported colours

Any colours to be imported come roll based in 70-meter lots, allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. Allow 2 months for delivery from any PO placed.

Printing your own motifs

We have one page dedicated to print Options. You can see here

Ready to start?

You can upload your Custom Designs here for costing

If you require assistance working out the best possible scenario for your bulk order, then we are here to help.
You may request a call back or chat via the WhatsApp or email.
Now we are ready to begin. You can refer to our size-chart here.

We can grade up or down half or a full size according to your request.

As we own the sole conssesion into Bali for tax free fabrics means that a 500-piece order with us will cost the same as any other Bali factory will charge you for 250 pieces.

We strongly advise you check with any supplier what the final production invoice will be.

Example orders & Invoice values

All Invoice examples below are approx, in USD, & have been calculated using Italian Vita Power for plain colours & Repreve™ Olympus for sublimation prints.

Prices are all-inclusive to the finished article, packed in a Bio-degradable bag, ready to uplift to any overseas address.

Colours & print names for example only.

Orders over 2,000 units maybe eligible for discounts



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