Custom Designs

Manufacturing custom designs to a high level of perfection is something only a few can accomplish. Our experience producing custom-made activewear for many clients over the past 30 years has taught us a few things about creating custom collections. First, we handle orders in teams called rolling orders. This is with one person sewing just one section before passing it over to the next to continue the construction till finished. The result will always be your designs consistent throughout production to the final articles packed into the boxes.

With your customs designs ready, price them up here.


Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces per PO in as many designs, colours & sizes as you want, For example, 150 activewear leggings and sports tops sets, 30 per design, three pieces per size, colour, and print. 

Colour & Prints

We offer more than 80 trending colours in stock. The fabrics are not leftovers but imported in rolls when stock is cut for orders. Colours not in stock are imported in 70m rolls, which must be used in your production order.
We print Nylon from REPREVE®, a superior recycled fabric from the United States, and Polyester from Power Fit in Korea using Italian print machines due to the superior colour richness and hues to anything printed in Bali.
Colours never fade, even after many years of use.

Read how easy it is to add prints.

Bulk PO's

  1. Fill in a bulk order form.
  2. Add the amounts per style, colour or print and your size breakdown & mention the fabric colour or print you want them produced in.
  3. If you require custom branding, please include what you want in the notes section.

Upon receipt of your PO, we will send you an invoice for a 50% down payment.

Some clients will find assembling collections to fit our MOQs tricky, which is why we have one specialist here to help. Send over what you have & we will get back to you if anything needs to be adjusted. 
Prior to starting production, we require your approved samples to be returned via courier or requested to be picked up by us. If you select to order two sample sets, we will use the set in our office to produce your bulk POs.

Read why two sample sets cost the same as one.

As long as we have your approved samples back, PPS are unnecessary.

Added Logo

Upon receiving your bulk PO, we add a heat press to the inside back of each article to make any design individually yours. Heat presses will not flake, crack or peel under most conditions. Heat presses will not flake, crack or peel under most conditions.

We add your brand logo to as many locations as possible. This can be added under the bust or around the waist, such as Nike’s “Just Do It” symbol, replacing conventional elastic with elasticated jacquard. A simple but extremely effective way of marketing your brand name & adding a special look to your collection.

You can also brand the packaging & add additional heat presses.

Art Work

Logos must be submitted in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG format, with 300 pixels per inch resolution. No order can be processed without it, so take care of this simple task during sampling.
Our graphics team can assist you free of charge if you require assistance with your artwork or layout.
We handle speciality branding overseas as the quality is superior to that of Bali accessories. Because these take several weeks to arrive, it is advisable to address branding requests prior to placing your bulk order. As a result, you will be able to begin production immediately.


Bulk POs are commonly dispatched within six weeks of your deposit if you select your colours from our stock. If you request specific colours, prints, or branded accessories, the timeline will be extended by a few weeks. It is always a good idea to contact us as we may be able to accommodate faster turnaround times.


All orders are subjected to three quality control checks to ensure they are ready for sale when they arrive at your doorstep. At the first station, sizing and grading will be checked; the second station will ensure the stitching is straight and even with no loose threads; and the third station will steam press the Activewear before adding fabric and custom branded hangtags. When every article has been approved, we add a bar code and pack each article into a biodegradable bag, ready boxing and DHL to pick up.
An article will be removed and remade if it does not meet our strict standards.


We ship orders using DHL or FedEx using our company account or yours. DHL arrives daily at our office to pick up orders and deliver samples and accessories.

From the time of pickup to the time of delivery, please allow 3-5 working days.

Read more about Dispatch & Delivery.