Activewear Production

As soon as you have your samples and approve them, you can move on to production. All sampling data will be handed over to our production team, who will prepare fabrics, accessories, and heat presses for your bulk order.

All orders are constructed using speciality Activewear machines to ensure that all production orders meet the highest export quality standards possible. Working on dedicated machines, we add elastic around the ankles, overlock double or triple stitch inside the seams, and add the highest grade of elastic around the waist and under the bust to ensure flexibility & strength. 

Whatever activity, you’ll never experience issues such as seams breaking or cracking under any workout. Over the last 30 years, we have developed a tried & tested production cycle to ensure that orders are produced to the highest grade and ready for inspection by our quality control team. 

As we work with international body sizes, be sure to check our Size Guide

Production Timelines

Our timelines assume that any custom colours, prints, and branded accessories, including your custom heat presses, are in our hands. Please add four weeks to your bulk order to ensure timely delivery, or order them four weeks in advance.

If you’re selecting your colours & fabrics from our stocks, bulk orders are usually dispatched in 4 to 6 weeks.
If you’re requesting fabrics to be imported, contact us & we’ll inform you of the expected date for delivery

Please take note
Orders for 2023 have again reached record levels. With your samples approved, please don’t delay sending them back to us or informing of any edits that need made.
With so many brands selling out as fast as we produce, it’s more than important that we receive your bulk orders as soon as possible in order to keep promised delivery dates.

Finally, at the end of each production cycle, we add ECONYL®CARVICO®REPREVE® & Power-Fit hangtags, depending on the fabrics used.


We offer a low minimum order of 300 pieces per bulk order worldwide, 30 pieces per style, and 3 pieces per size, color, and print.

If you would like to mix and match some of our designs with some of yours, then the MOQ remains the same. 300 per PO.

See some examples of typical purchase orders and how they work by adding designs, colors, and sizes

Samples Approved -
Let Us Begin

Once you’re ready to place a bulk PO, your approved samples must be returned to us via courier unless you requested two sample sets. These will be used to check against the first cuts in production, adding courier fees & import taxes. 

However, should you have requested we produce two sets, one will remain in our office and be used to start your production order. As we only charge wholesale for the second set, making two sets in most cases costs approx the same as producing one, saving on courier fees and import taxes as well as a week in your production timeline.  

Visit our Delivery Page, to be clear on how to send packages.

Selecting Plain Colours or Prints

As you are aware, selecting the correct fabric with the right amount of stretch & compression is one of the most important decisions you’ll make 

As we have several fabrics with different degrees of compression, you can select the ones most suitable for the market you’re selling onto. For example, yoga and Athleisurewear brands need fabrics with good flexibility and reasonable compression. In contrast, brands targeting the heavier workout market need fabrics with higher compression and excellent moisture-wicking properties.

We keep our stock levels at around 30,000 meters in 83 trending colours, making selecting your colours from stock fabrics the best place to start.

As the season of 2023 approaches, we see an increasing trend for prints. The quality of our digital and sublimation prints is outstanding, with vibrant colours adding a real splash of colour to your collection. We handle print requests for around 30 brands monthly, selling well in almost all locations.

Read how easy it is to add prints

Placing Orders

Once you’re clear on your designs and the colours and prints you want them produced in, you’re ready to place your first bulk order PO.

Fill in our Bulk Order Form, and we’ll send you an invoice.

For those who wish to move directly to bulk without producing samples, saving costs in sampling and time, please complete our Direct Bulk Form & send over via email or WhatsApp

See some typical bulk invoice values

Custom Branding and Accessories

Adding high-quality accessories to your collection will play a huge role in your brand’s final look, increasing sales and ultimately, your success.

We add your brand logo and sizes as a heat press to the inside back of each article. You may also request we add additional presses to, for example, the front of any sports top or down the side of a legging. If you want to make your brand name pop out, adding an elasticated Jacquard, as Nike does, under the bust or around the waist is the way to go. Brands that add elasticated branded logos sell more.

Take Note

In most cases, delays in production orders are caused by customers not handling their heat press logos at the start of the process. Before you place your bulk order, we recommend you contact your Activewear merchant about any branded accessories and heat presses you require.

In-House & Independent QC

Prior to dispatch, all activewear production orders undergo three levels of quality control. Our team will never dispatch an order until the production quality matches your approved samples. Nevertheless, many brands request independent quality control to be on the safe side. Given the minimal cost compared to the value of the goods, it is well worth considering.

Rebecca Jane from the UK has a specialized team in Bali who check production orders daily. In the rare event that her team discovers an issue, Rebecca will contact you directly.

In addition to her fashion design degree, she worked as a designer for Victoria’s Secret.

Contact her via email

Packing and Dispatch

All orders are individually packed into bio-degradable bags boxed by codes, colours & sizes, ready to sell the moment they arrive on your doorstep. 

We dispatch orders via DHL or FedEx using our company account or yours. From pick up to delivery, allow 4-7 working days.