Fabric Printing

Adding a print or two to a collection adds originality and a splash of colour. We use Italian MS machines, using super-soft recycled polyester and nylon from REPREVE® in the US. Unlike swimwear, polyester is the most selected fabric for activewear brands due to its shape retention. Whatever the workout, polyester will always return to its original shape. No matter what fabric you select to print on, nylon or Poly, both offer a super-soft hand feel, comfortable compression, sweat-wicking, and squat-proof properties. 
Due to print quality and colour saturation, we print oversees and fly the fabrics in via weekly flights to Bali. Motifs will never look tired or fade, retaining their ever-so-new appearance.

Artwork must be in vector format EPS, PDF, CDR, SVG, or Ai, 300 dpi, repeatable, and scalable. If you find this complex, send us what you have, and our graphics team will see what they can do.

Sample Meters

A sample order is printed in 2 m sections, while a bulk order is printed on a 70 m roll or more.
For sample orders, strike-offs or production orders, please allow 2-3 weeks.
If you are short on time and require a speedy solution, we print on Eco-Olympus in Bali. Processing takes 2 days, and there is no MOQ.

Creating your own print or purchasing online?

Custom Created Prints

Drawing prints by hand can be time-consuming and expensive. You will need some effective graphic skills or pay somebody to create them. Due to this, activewear brands most commonly purchase their prints online.

Purchasing Online

By selecting ready-made motifs, a costly and time-consuming task can be completed in an hour or two with minimal effort and cost.
Prints can be purchased for just a few dollars on sites like Shutterstock. Using the search bar, describe the motif you seek, for example, ‘abstract prints’. Select Vector format from the drop-down menu on the top left side, and you will see something similar to what you see below. After selecting your motif/s, images of a similar nature will open below allowing you to refine your search further

Once you have made your selection, send over the links with screenshots, and we’ll check their suitability for printing.
Once approved, you may purchase or request we purchase for a 20 USD fee.

We selected the motif below.
It’s repeatable left to right, top to bottom.

print example

Most motifs repeat every 10 to 20cm.

So that’s all you need to know on how to select prints online. Its not difficult but should you have any issues with your prints, contact our graphics team , who in most cases will assist free of charge here.


Editing Your Prints

Creating prints in Vector format allows colours to be edited in minutes. For example, a soft peach, beige, grayish green, blue and black motif can easily be edited to become black, nude, and burnt orange.

For example, this

can become this

Download a PDF that explains in more detail how this can be accomplished


Upon receiving a sample payment, we will mock up your collection for free. Seeing your designs in virtual 2D accurately represents what your Collection will look like after completion.
Here is an example of a handover to a 2D mock-up.


As part of our commitment to protecting our planet from chemical pollution, we print with dyes supplied by Huntsman in the US, which are OEKO-TEX® approved and GOTS-certified. Our standards are based on a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure the safety of our consumers.

Questions about printing?

Having printed and machine for 33 years, we know how to create today’s highest-quality prints.