All dyes used are certified Eco-Friendly, GOTS & OEKO-TEX® approved

The dyes use OEKO-TEX® approved, protecting our planet for future generations. The testing and certification process on which our standards are based, guarantees maximum consumer safety. Also approved by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard means the harvesting of raw materials is handled in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, providing credible assurance to you & your customers.

The majority of printing we print overseas & imported in, as the quality of the print machines outside of Bali is to a higher standard.
We print digitally on Nylon & with sublimation on Polyester.
We import our prints at a lower cost than printing in Bali as we import in using our tax-free facility

Printing digitally on Nylon for activewear offers the highest grade of print, deeper richer colours + a softer hand feel. Digital is a process of computerized ink jet; you can see the machines we use


All print takes approx. 3 weeks, unless printing locally via sublimation, only a few days. If your short on time, we offer a sublimation service in Bali on Eco Olympus. In Bali there are no digital print machines, only sublimation.

Digital Print

We print on a recycled Nylon from the US, named Repreve™.
Printing digitally offers deep rich colour tones with a super soft hand feel. Colours do not fade or bleed in contact with chlorine, salt water or bright sunshine.

Dyes are impregnated & compressed into the fabric for greater colour saturation.
MOQ 70m – 3-4 weeks to process. Whilst we are printing, we handle your patterns & grades.
We are the only producer in Bali to offer a digital print solution. All other suppliers print via sublimation on Polyester, less vibrant but much faster. Ideal for quick orders. They often call this digital sublimation, it’s not, it’s a process of heat pressing your motifs onto fabric & takes only minutes to print.

Sublimation Explained

Sublimation is a process of heat press onto fabric & is only suitable to print on Polyester, not Nylon, which is never so soft as Nylon.
Sublimation tends to be less vibrant than digital & can fade in time. Being a heat press process, it’s impossible to achieve the premium quality that digital printing offers.


  • MOQ 20m per motif
  • Sublimating Polyester fabrics in Bali costs the same as digitally printing recycled fabrics overseas as we import them in using our tax-free facility.
  • Printing on Poly for sportswear is most suitable.
  • Sublimating print is fast, but lacks density in colour compared to digital.

Creating your own motifs

If you are able, then creating your own prints can be the most rewarding. If you don’t have the skills then you will need to work with a graphics specialist which can be quite costly & lengthy.

Purchasing online

There are literally tens of thousands of prints available online, formatted in high resolution & ready to go. We use

How to select

Go into
Type a few words that describe the motif your after. We used “tropical flower pattern” in this scenario. Select Vector format in the top left-hand bar. You will now see something like this

image printing 1

Identify the one you like, save the link & send that to us in order we can check ensuring its suitable to use. Either you can purchase or request that we buy for you. We charge $30 usd per motif to check the file is repeatable & in high resolution. If approved, we purchase & move to print 2-meter sections enough in most cases to produce your initial samples, or an A4 strike off.

Sampling Fabric Prints

1. An A4 size piece of fabric for approval. $20 per strike off + $30 usd via FedEx (up to 10 motifs).

2. Print 2 meters per motif. $30 per meter to print + $30 usd via FedEx up to 3 meters.

Once your motif is printed, we can send you a high-resolution photo for your approval. This can save much time. Should you wish to see the final fabric strike off, allow an extra 2 weeks.


All prints must be sent in EPS, TIFF, Ai, Pdf, 300+ dpi & to scale.
To scale means we require the size in cm of the repeat of the print.
Prints repeat in most cases from 18cm to 25cm.
If you’re struggling to achieve the quality, as long as your using Vector format, we can offer some assistance. We do not offer a complete artwork service as one print can easily take one day.

Fabric Packs

You will receive a swatch of Comfort Luxe Nylon digitally printed overseas & also a swatch of Eco Olympus Sublimation printed in Bali to compare, as well as a swatch of all of the fabrics show on our website, included their corresponding laser-copy colour cards.

$50 USD – 1 Active or Swimwear fabric pack
$80 USD – 1 Active + 1 Swimwear fabric pack
Price Inc. FedEx to your door.

You can email us here informing the pack/s you’re after. Say either “Swim” or “Active” or “Swim & Active”
Fabric swatches come in random colours – We do not accept requests for specific colours.

Our ready to go prints


Questions about Print?

Contact Bottom 1

Speak to an Activewear Specialist

Fill in the form or chat via WhatsApp +62 811 3999 520

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We endeavour to reply to any WA email or chat in max one working day.

Our activewear specialists are able to answer any questions you may have.
9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9-11 am

On-site Inspections

Due to restrictions with travel to & from Bali, in most cases, we hold WA video calls.
We can show you our studio & factory & anything else you would like to see.

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Activewear brand

Download the 2021 Active/Athleisure/Yoga Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Activewear brand

Download the 2021 Active/Athleisure/Yoga Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020



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