Handing Over Prints

In the past, printing on synthetics was a tricky complex affair. With new technology it’s now the opposite, with the important factor being the print format you supply.

Art work must be sent in Vector EPS, PDF, or Tiff, in the actual size & repeatable. Should you find this difficult, then send to us via email your desired print & our in-house graphic team will check & offer assistance or advice.

Simply Steps Handover

1. Choose your art work using any one of an online number print sellers, a few links below


2. Select the Vector option & choose your motif/s
Then send us these links in order we can check the image is repeatable & suitable before purchase.

3. Ideally, we require the three predominant colours of any print. You can do this easily via a Google search. For example, if you’re looking for a deep purple then add these words into Google, ‘Pantone colour card deep purple’
You should now come to a page like this https://tinyurl.com/qrgyhr4


By supplying your three colour references were able to inform the technician in the print factory on how to adjust the colours more precisely.

As soon as the print is formatted & ready to print, we proceed to print two meters. The chances are that the motif will be 95% or closer to your desired colours. We will then have enough fabric printed for your sampling.

You may request a strike-off sent to you to check the print quality.

As printing can be the most time-consuming part of any order, best to handle your prints as soon as you are ready to start working with us.


Should you desire to add some high-resolution prints into your collection, then we have two great compression fabrics to choose from. We normally print in China, as the machines there are far superior to what’s available in Bali. Great saturation, bright sharp colours, no fade or bleed.

Polyester fabrics are printed via a sublimation process.

We have 2 weights for Active-wear, both printed in China. 250gsm strong compression & a lighter 230gsm higher stretch. Both 70 m MOQ.

For brands wanting a super quick service then we print in Bali on Vita PL, a recycled polyester from Italy, requires just one week to print sampling or any bulk order.



  1. There are no digital print machines in Bali.
  2. All prints require 2-3 weeks for sampling & 3-4 weeks for production with the MOQ being 70 meters per print. For samples we print 2 meters per motif.
  3. Polyester is always printed via sublimation, a process of heat press.
  4. We only use Huntsman dyes from the US, all Eco Certified.
  5. We can achieve in almost all cases a 95% colour match.

In all cases, whether you're printing on recycled REPREVE™ Nylon or Polyester, we will supply each article with free branded REPREVE fabric hang-tags.

Our ready to go prints





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