Sampling Explained

The sampling process begins with your handover. In a handover, you indicate what fabrics or prints you want to use. You will be assigned an Activewear specialist who will contact you to arrange a callback to discuss any notes you made regarding fit, construction, fabric colour, or print. As soon as we’re clear, we’ll send you the lowest price for a premium-grade recycled product. Upon acceptance, we’ll send an invoice, and once paid, we start.
As a first step, we create your patterns using our 2D AutoCAD digital software, which is calibrated to international body sizes and grading systems. By managing patterns digitally, we are able to adjust your patterns within minutes rather than hours or days.
We always recommend checking our size guide to ensure that it is appropriate for the market or age group you are selling to. If our sizing is too small or too large, we can grade up or down by half a size or a full size.

In the course of the sampling process, your sample merchant will provide you with information about what happens after you have received and approved our samples. 

We will assist you with the creation of custom-branded artwork, which will be used to add your logo to things such as your heat-press, hygienic liners, clips, packaging, hang tags, etc. 

We can help with a variety of branding strategies, so let us know your ideas and we will get back to you. 

Get started at any time by going to our Getting Started Page, where you can price your designs & kickstart your collection.


If you handle your artwork during sampling, you will be able to launch your first bulk PO more quickly than if you wait until you receive your samples.

Custom Samples

Over the last 35 years, we have assembled thousands of unique active & yogawear designs. With a little creativity and a great collection of designs, colors, and prints, you’ll receive a totally unique collection that can rival any brand out there.

Read more about Custom Designs & Production.

Ready-to-Order Samples

Our Ready designs are a combination of our knowledge of what will trend in summer 2024 and our best-selling styles from 2023. Choose the designs you like and decide what fabric colour or print you wish to produce them in.

With a custom-branded heat press logo applied to the inside back of your designs, will make your collection as individual & iconic as any brand you care to mention. 

For 30 USD we can edit the waistband, the length, and the underbust area of any of our designs on request.

Our designs can be produced in any fabric colour or print.

You can skip sampling and go directly to a production. You will receive exactly what you see in our catalogue in the colours and prints of your choice.

See our latest A/W 2024 Ready Collection.

One Sample Set or Two?

For 1 set, we charge 2x wholesale + 30 USD. If you request 2 sets, we only charge the wholesale price for example 15 USD for a top for the second set. This makes producing two sets, and keeping 1 set in our office, the same cost as sending your approved samples back to us.
We can also pick up your approved samples using our DHL account.


Custom designs are charged twice our wholesale price with a 30 USD management fee.
For example, a Custom Legging costing USD 19 will be charged 2 X $19 + $30 = $68.00.
Ready-to-Order Designs are charged at only twice our wholesale price with no management fee.

Sample Request Form

Samples can be requested by completing a Sample Request Form. If you don’t want to fill in a form, you can contact us by email or WhatsApp. Our team will fill out your data in the sample form and submit it back to you for approval.

Make sure to include the fabric of your choice, as well as whether your chosen designs will be plain or printed.

Mocking up

Once you have paid for your samples, we offer a free 2D mock-up service in your selected colours and prints. This is a great way to see how your designs will appear in your selected colours and prints before we cut the fabric.

See Full Mock Up

Art Work

Artworks for heat-presses or custom branding requests must be sent in a vector format, for example, EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG in 300dpi If you require some help, our graphic team will get back to you in most cases, free of charge.

Read more about Custom Branded Accessories.

Sample Dispatch

Once samples are ready for dispatch, your merchant will send some clear, high-resolution photos for your approval before DHL picks them up.

Upon arrival
In almost all cases, samples are approved the first time around. However, if your samples arrive significantly different from what you handed over, in most cases, remakes are free. Our 2D digital auto-cad software handles small edits, taking minutes rather than days.