We run a team of speciality 20 sample sewing staff, all with more than 10 years’ experience constructing & assembling premium grade Swim & Activewear. If you want your brand to stand out, then having your own collection will make the greatest impact. Creating a collection of designs that identifies you as being iconic & original is our main speciality.

Sampling Procedure

First things first. Did you handover your designs to be priced? If not, go here

Once you have your prices & you’re ready to go, send us a sample request form here

It’s now that the magic begins & if you have got it right, colour, fabric & design, then dreams really can come true.


Organize your artwork heat press logo at the start of sampling. We will then brand your samples as below. You can read more on how we heatpress here.

During sample development, any hang tags, hygiene liners, packaging etc needs your attention. We can assist with layout. Will speed your bulk orders along by weeks.

Sampling Construction

Samples are constructed in a dedicated sampling studio. Each & every design is assembled using machines geared to handle just one task, section per section to the completed article.

Digital Patterns

We handle patterns digitally using our computerized 2D AUTO-Cad Plotter & software. Working digitally is a dream compared to paper patterns. Over many years we have saved thousands of shapes in our digital library, meaning any style we will have almost the identical saved & graded. Once we identify the nearest shape to yours, this is dragged down onto the screen to be edited & saved.

A good example of working digitally would be the first collection we made for Victoria’s Secret. The hand over supplied was precise, no measurements, but very clear imagery which we then produced 12 designs. From these, 9 were selected with only minor revisions.
With a good clear handover most brands experience the same.


We do not require complex tech packs. The majority of designs are sent as screen shots, front & back images with notes on changes to be implemented. Working digitally allows us to make edits to any shape in minutes rather than hours. If you have a tech-packs, then they are also fine.

Edits & Remakes

Should any samples require edits, then the following is true.

1. Samples requiring very slight edits. These are reworked on the 2D Auto-CAD, not remade. We can hold an online video call if you request to go over the changes.

2. Obvious errors are most commonly misunderstandings from your hand over. In most cases we remake them free of charge.

3. You’re requesting changes to be made that were not clearly marked on your hand over or you’re looking to make changes to your original request. These are chargeable, $30 usd + 2 X estimate price.

We never promise that the designs you requested will be exactly as you have in mind; we do everything in our power to get them right the first time around. Samples are paid in full. We do not offer credits or reimburse funds. If your handover is clear, your samples will be close to your request. Patterns are created digitally in 2D. If you request printed patterns, $50 usd per pattern & grade.

We do not add custom made accessories or packaging to samples, we add those to your bulk wholesale orders


We charge 2X estimated wholesale + a management fee of $30USD per style.
Example – Sport Tops $15 becomes 2 x $15 + $30 = $60.00.

Prices offered are all-inclusive to the finished articles. Accessories such as metal clips, jacquart & so on are all included.
Samples are individually packed into a Bio-degradable bag readied for dispatch via courier to any overseas address.

Selecting Stock or Fabric to be Imported

Selecting from stock or fabrics to be imported will be crucial to your bulk orders.
See more on Fabric Stocks and Fabrics to be imported

Sampling with Custom Prints

We print both digitally in China on recycled American Nylon fabrics & also via sublimation in Bali using recycled Italian Renew Techno. Sampling is printed in 2m sections.

Digital printing being superior with deeper richer tones, requires 2 weeks to print. Vita poly in Bali, just a day or two. We start on your digital prints as a priority. Whilst they are printing, we make your patterns & then finally make your samples from the actual printed fabrics.
Read more on your print options here


Quality control is one of the most important part of the manufacture of Activewear. We run three sections of QC

1. checks for loose threads or any tiny blemishes
2. ensures fits & grades are exactly as requested
3. each piece is checked under magnifiers & white lights

Quality approved samples have their branded fabric hangers attached & packed individually into a BIO-degradable bag, dispatched via FedEx to any overseas address.

Your samples arrive clearly labelled showing code, colour & size. Do not remove until they have been approved.

Size sets

Samples are made in one size set, for example, all in size S you can choose all to be made in S, M, or L - 4-6 weeks Requesting samples in different sizes will result in samples taking much longer. When it comes to production we can easily pattern & grade using our digital software.

Sizes are graded to body measurements.
See our size chart.

We accept up to 12 custom sample requests.

Requesting more than 12, requires more time.


Samples are dispatched via FedEx or DHL - 7 to 10 working days to your door.

Read more about Dispatch & Delivery

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