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2D Auto CAD Digital Pattern & Grading

Your pattern & size grades will be drawn digitally using our 2D-AUTO-CAD pattern making system. Digital patterns, created using Gerber software are far superior to paper patterns. Working on the CAD allows us to plot your requested body measurements to any shape & grade to millimeter perfection in minutes (compared to hours).

We can easily & simply make adjustments, grade up or down, fix any issues & most importantly, save your patterns to our hard drive, never losing your data.

You can request any edits to your custom designs, be they from screen shots, photos or the actual samples. Its fast easy & inexpensive. We can also make any edits to our Ready-to-go-Designs on request.

For those of you familiar with digital patterns, we work in DXF & DGS format. Our sizes can be found here


Our dedicated sample studio runs a team of 20 tailors & five pattern makers, all with over ten years’ experience. You may order from 1 to 20 custom samples. These will be made in one size as per your instructions.

You can add elasticated branded jacquard, or additional heat presses. These are chargeable & carry an MOQ

We can brand Jacquard or heat press exactly as examples below

All we require for branded Jacquard or any spciality heat press is your art-work handed over in EPS, PDF vector. During sample make-up, we constantly check back to your original hand-over & design request.

After you have received your samples, we advise strongly to set up an online meeting with Ms Novi, the director. Novi has been handling sampling & production for over 15 years & able to answer virtually anything you may have on your mind.

Edits + Servicing

In approx. 80% of cases samples are approved the first time around. Should any styles require servicing, then as long as you’re not requesting changes to your original hand-over, then these are free of charge.

Additional revisions are chargeable.

Once you’ve approved your samples, we double check on the digital plotter to ensure costings are exact. Any changes you will be notified. Normally our price estimates are within 5% of actual.

3 Layers of QC

Team 1. removes loose threads

Team 2. ensures fits & grades exactly as requested

Team 3. final check under magnifiers & white lights to ensure no blemishes, however tiny.

Your samples will come with their respective branded fabric hang tags attached to each article, packed in a BIO-degradable bag, boxed & readied for dispatch via courier.


The prices your supplied with are all inclusive. We don’t charge for pattern making, mock-up fees or add any surchages as almost all other do.

Whether your requesting us to manufacture your own custom designs, or selecting from our Ready-to-go-Designs, then our charges are quite similar.

Should you be requesting custom made accessories like branded jacquard, additional heat presses or branded packaging, these are chargeable & carry an MOQ.

Sampling Charges

We charge 2 X Est W/S price + $30 fee per style


A. Sports Top - Estimated wholesale price $16.00. Therefore 2 X $16 = $32 + $30 = $62.00

B. Leggings - Estimated wholesale price $19.00. Therefore 2 X $19 = $38 + $30 = $68.00

The average invoice for 5 Activewear samples is $300 USD


Samples are sent to your door in 5 to 10 working day using our account either DHL or FedEx.

You may also use your account with your courier account details.

We require your delivery address, daytime telephone number & post code.

Courier charges, 10 samples, approx$100 USD to your door.



WhatsApp +62 811 3999 520

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