The process of sampling is actually very straight forward as long as your hand over is clear with your fabric choices noted.
We run a team of 20 sample sewers, all with over 10 years experience producing only swim & Activewear samples.
Once ready to start in sampling we will need to know your selected designs as well as your fabric choices.

You will have handed over your selected designs, either custom designs or selected from our Ready to go Designs.
Also you will have selected your fabrics from either Italian & American stocks or fabrics to be imported.


Sampling Fees

The prices for sampling we provided from your handover, are all-inclusive to the finished articles. Pattern making & grading, accessories such as clips, bra adjusters & any the like, will have already been included in the price we submitted. Sample charges are charged at twice the estimated price plus a management fee of $30USD per style.

For example, a sport top priced @ $15.00 will be charged @ 2 x $15 + $30, total $60.00.
Our fees Inc. hygienic liners, metal clips & Bio-degradable packaging.

Size Sets

Your collection is almost normally made in one size set. Should you desire more than one, then allow some extra time. You may order from 1 to 20 custom designs.

Time line

In most cases, samples take from 3 to 6 weeks depends on your complexity. If you requested fabrics to be printed digitally then we require a few additional weeks but not always as we most commonly we print two meters of each print as a priority at start. If you requested sublimation print opposed to premium quality digital, then we handle this in Bali . All other bali producers will only offer you sublimation on Polyester, less vibrant.


As your patterns are stored digitally on our server, then any small changes you wish made can be organised easily.


Samples are constructed in our dedicated sampling studio. Each & every design is assembled using dedicated machines to task. Cups, wires, seamless, reversible, double sided or zigzag styles, are sewn section per section on machines built only for that job.


Once your is ready we dispatch via FedEx to your door. With your collection in hand you can try on & go though over the production quality to make sure its to your expectation.

Read more about Delivery here

Edits & Remakes

Should any styles required to be re made then as long as you're not requesting changes to your original hand-over, they are free of charge. Additional revisions are thereafter are chargeable & hardly every happens. As we work on your designs digitally using our 2D Auto Cad software, its actually quite hard to not get fitting exact as the software is pre programed with body sizes & grades.


We offer a Activewear Starter-Pack, allowing you to see, feel & try on the premium quality activewear we produce. By purchasing starter pack, you’ll be in the enviable position being able to assemble your very own sustanable activewear collection, from the safety & comfort of your home. By far the best decision you will make when your considering which manufacturer to use.

See our selection of starter packs here

Accessories used for sampling are from our high quality stocks (non branded)

We don't brand or add heat press to sampling as these are ordered in from Korea, producing the highest grade of presses in the world. Will not crack or flake under any condition, used for your bulk orders.

You can read more about the accessories in our Accessories page.

See our Size chart & Care instruction


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