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With every sample request, the priority is always to get your requested designs to you correct the first time round in the exact colours & prints requested. Should any not be in stock, then the following is true.

Most selected option. We order your fabrics from the overseas supplier in either plain or print in 2 meters sections. Whilst they are being processed, we prepare your patterns ready for the fabrics

 to arrive. Once your fabrics are in our hands & with all the patterns ready, we run up your designs, adding a week or two to your timeline. However, if you’re pushed for time, we produce in the same fabric in another colour, usually black. For print requests, as there are no digital print machines in Bali for synthetic fabrics, we only have the option to print on Eco Olympus in Bali as it’s a Polyester & prints via sublimation. Allow 2-3 days to print.

Lovely Handovers!

If your handover is clear & to the point with some good instructions & notes on changes to any visuals you submitted, then the chances of you receiving a collection almost or identical to your handover becomes possible. Making custom designs can take time & it’s something we never rush.

Patterns & Grading.

Patterns are drawn using our state of the art 2D Auto CAD software & printers. Digital patterns are more detailed than paper patterns allowing incremental changes to any pattern in minutes rather than days. If you check out our size guide & block shapes & desire to make some changes such as making waists higher or reducing lengths in the leg or adding panels, pockets, etc., it’s all very possible & quick to handle.

Customer Spec Sheets

Even we produce around 30 new custom shapes every day, we do not work to size specs other than our International Body sizes. These can easily be graded up or down a half or full size. You are strongly advised to take a tape measure & measure up somebody you know to be a good body size and check their bust, underbust, waist & hip & leg length & compare to our measurements. If you find you are between sizes or one size for hips & one size for waist, then in most cases work for bottoms using the hip measurement & bust for tops & inform us. A few European brands & some other locations consider our sizes small, so make this your first point of call.

If you’re confused, simply shoot over an email with your sizes & we will get back to you with a solution.

Please Read Carefully.
When your collection arrives, remakes will be chargeable if you consider them too small or too big, so please check our Size chart below. If any styles are obviously wrong, then they are remade free of charge as long as you’re not requesting changes to your original handover

Contact our team if you need some help with your sizes compared to ours.

See our International Size Grades

Contact us via WhatsApp

Size Sets.

Samples are produced in Size sets, most commonly Size Small in 4 to 8 designs. If you request more sizes in more colours, this can take more time & is not always workable. In some cases, clients request one style to be made in one Size up or down to compare our grading & fitting. Ordering more than ten shapes could also result in more time needed.

Your Activewear Specialist.

Once you have paid your invoice, you’re be allocated your own merchant. She will go over your handover & check all is clear first with the person you spoke to when you first contacted us. If anything is unclear, she will contact you via chat on WhatsApp or email or set up a callback. If all is clear, your collection will be made. Upon completion, you will be sent photos of the final samples & dispatch to you the following day via courier.


In most cases, we produce sample collection in 4-6 weeks, depending on the time of the year & how busy we are. At the end of the year, sampling can take longer & at the start of the year, things are less active & faster.

Once your collection is finalized, we will send photos of your styles before sending them out via courier the following day.


We charge two times the estimated price provided plus a USD 30 management fee per design. Our prices are all-inclusive to the finished articles using our stock accessories.

For example, a legging priced at $19 USD, is charged at 2 X $19 + $ 30 = $68.00.

Ready To Go Designs.

Our Ready to Go designs are the most on-trend shapes moving into 2022. These are easily editable, adding pockets or mesh, panels & the like. If you select your styles from our collection & use our stock fabrics, all we require are 3-4 weeks to produce. If you’re requesting fabrics in plain or print to be Imported, then add 2-3 weeks to your timeline

Fabrics Plain & Print.

If you decide to work with our in-stock fabrics, all imported from Italy & the US, then when it comes to your Bulk order, you can select your colours in 20 meter lots. On the other hand, if you request your fabrics plain or print to be imported, your Bulk PO will have to use up the 70m rolls they are purchased in. As Yoga & Activewear can use half to one meter per article, it’s not uncommon for fabrics to be imported.

Read more about Stocks & Importing Fabrics

Branding Accessories.

Branding accessories such as elasticated Jacquard or packaging or adding additional heat presses are usually organized once you have your collection in hand & you’re all set to order your Bulk PO.

See our Accessories Page

Dispatch & Delivery

We use FedEx & DHL to dispatch orders. Both arrive daily, picking up & dropping off packages & samples.  Allow 5-10 working days.

Read our Dispatch & Delivery Page

If you’re ready to get started & haven’t yet priced your collection, then go to our Getting Started Page

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