Preserving Our Oceans And Biodiversity

Since our establishment in 1991, Activewear Bali has been unwavering in its mission to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our dedication to promoting conscious consumption through our research and sourcing of recycled fabrics, eco-friendly packaging, and a production process that avoids the use of plastic is a testament to our commitment. While we acknowledge that perfection is a journey, not a destination, our commitment to a better future for the planet is a beacon of hope.

Activewear Bali proudly is the first company in Bali to pioneer eco-friendly solutions for brand owners at an affordable price, ensuring that sustainability is not a luxury, but a practical choice for all.

Fabrics Certification

For every 10 tons of Recycled fabrics we use


0 kWh

of Energy used


0 Ltr

of water


0 Kg

of CO2 eq. emissions


0 Kg

of Toxic emissions


0 Kg

Ocean Waste

Korean Creora Power Fit®

Creora® Power-Fit is a high-performance Spandex made from superfine denier fibers. Eco-Olympus by Creora® Power Fit® comes in plain dyed colors and sublimation prints. Activewear styles produced using Creora® will provide a strong compression, a sheer, soft, silky feel, with amazing shape retention even during the most intense workouts.

American REPREVE®

REPREVE® is a high-performance branded fibre that is globally recognized. It’s produced using recycled materials such as discarded plastic bottles, salvaged fishing nets, and post-consumer waste. We produce Comfort Luxe, our most selected fabric for plain dye and prints due to its softness, durability, and ability to maintain a new look even after many years of use.

The yarns are produced from post-consumer waste & blended with Lycra to ensure our fabrics offer the correct amount of stretch and flexibility for the activity they were made for.

Plain-dyed fabrics are deep and rich in colour, and prints have an incredibly true-to-eye appearance.


ECONYL® in Italy produces recycled yarn only. They don’t produce fabrics. Carvico is a fabric producer that purchases its recycled polyester and Nylon yarns from ECONYL®. Many fabric suppliers purchase their yarns from ECONYL® & blend them with Suplex or Extra Life Lycra to give their fabrics stretch and flexibility. This results in sustainably produced fabrics with a super soft hand feel. Using ECONYL® and Carvico products in your Activewear line not only supports environmental conservation but also offers high-quality, soft, and flexible fabrics that are on-trend and in demand.

ECONYL®—regenerated nylon and polyester, introduced in 2011 by Aquafil, is a testament to their commitment, as it is made entirely from ocean plastic and Ghost nets.

It’s a sobering fact that every year, eight million tons of waste and 640 thousand tons of fishing nets find their way into our oceans (data sourced from UNEP & FAO). If we don’t address this issue urgently, by 2050, our oceans could be more garbage than fish. This is not just another business opportunity, but a chance to make a real difference.

What are Ghost Nets?

A ghost net is not just an abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing net. It’s a silent killer, entangling and suffocating marine life long after it’s been discarded. The impact of these nets on marine life is devastating. They can trap and kill a wide range of species, from small fish to large mammals, and disrupt entire ecosystems. This vicious cycle can last up to 5,000 years before Nylon nets break down, causing immeasurable harm to our oceans.

It’s alarming to know that a significant 10% of ocean waste is comprised of fishing nets, underlining the scale of this environmental issue.

Dyes & Packaging

We take pride in our eco-friendly practices. Our fabrics are dyed using certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 dyes from DyStar in Germany or Huntsman in the US. These dyes use a wide range of eco-friendly colourants, ensuring maximum consumer safety.

Each article is packed individually in 100% biodegradable Avani cassava bags. These bags will decompose within 24 hours in any landfill, contributing to a greener future.