Sampling at King Trading could not be simpler. We run the largest specialist sample team in Bali, 30 tailors in total producing around 75 new samples every day. The tailors & seamstresses have in the main been working with us for over ten years & the most experienced you will find on the island.

On average, 80% of the samples we produce, are approved the first time around. Upon your inspection you may decide some styles require servicing. These are normally handled free of charge unless your requesting changes other than your original hand over.



Easy, clearly marked hand overs pass much quicker through the sampling department

With a good handover, you may well see your samples ready-to-go in 4 weeks. The opposite is also the case. Complex handovers & requests to change shapes, add or take away anything, can cause weeks or more in delays, so do be sure what you hand over to us is what you’re after manufacturing.

Sampling takes around 4-6 weeks. Choosing colours from stock will save around 1 week. Choosing colours from Italy will add approx. 2 weeks


During & after production all items will be checked through several levels of QC. Each layer will check specific things, for example, first QC checks sizing & grading, second, loose threads and so on through to final QC where the goods are checked on last time under magnifiers before being packed in a Bio-degradable bag, bar tagged & boxed.


Sampling Fees

Our fees include all the pattern making costs, all fabric and trims from stock, finished garment.

We charge 2 X estimated wholesale price + $30.00 USD sampling fee per style.


Sport Top

Estimated price - $14.00 USD

Our fee for this top would therefore be 14 X 2 = 28, + 30 = $58.00 USD


  • Requesting samples made from stock fabrics, saves approx. one week
  • Requested fabrics not in stock to be imported, adds approx. 2 weeks
  • Manufacturing bespoke styles involve skilled pattern makers, specialist sample sewers, overseen by experienced merchants & supervisors
  • Allow more time for first time sampling
  • Second sampling can be much faster
  • We may need to contact you to clarify any point during the sampling process

Sampling involves every department, from patterns & grading to cutting, through to sew & final dispatch. We pride ourselves on our sampling & our dedicated sample team. Sampling is at the very core of what we do & just as timely & even more complex than production.



After any edits have been handled & your satisfied with your collection, it’s now that we double check the costing to ensure the prices we gave as estimates, were in fact exact.

We send samples to you via DHL, 3-5 working days.

It’s important to note, once we start sampling, we don’t accept changes, so ensure what you have requested to be priced, is what your after us making.

You will need to get your collection priced, go here