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Start Your Activewear Brand


All Designs, Videos and Prints, created by Activewear Bali

Building Luxe Activewear

Activewear Bali, the pioneer and leader in sustainable activewear and yogawear manufacturing in Bali. Our unique selling points include the import of high-grade activewear fabrics, the assembly of custom-made designs, and the launch of two trending, ready-to-go collections annually. With a global reach, we proudly manufacture for over 200 independent brands worldwide, including startups and established brands. Our reputation is built on outstanding quality, the lowest prices, fast turnarounds & expert advice, making us the industry’s go-to supplier.

At Activewear Bali, we understand the importance of cost-efficiency for your business. That’s why we import fabrics from Power-Fit in Korea, REPREVE® in the US, and Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy, all produced from post-consumer waste. These fabrics offer excellent squat-proof, body-sculpting, and sweat-wicking properties. Moreover, our tax-free facility allows us to save 35% on costs, a benefit that all other Bali suppliers will add to your final invoice.

If you’re embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, our exclusive Starter Packs provide all the essentials. These packs include one real fabric swatch of each fabric on our site, their corresponding laser-copy colour cards, and some custom-branded accessories and packaging to get your brand running right from the start.

With an eye for activewear trends and savvy social media skills, you’re halfway to launching a successful, sustainable brand.

Top Tip: If you have already brainstormed ideas on how your brand should look, scheduling a complimentary real-time conversation with an expert can be extremely helpful. Callbacks have a much higher success rate for getting started at lower price points than email or live chat.

Activewear Bali, turning dreams into reality.


Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces per PO in as many designs, colours & sizes, for example, 150 activewear leggings and sports tops sets, 30 per design, three pieces per size, colour, and print.

Note that an order of 300 units with us will purchase max 200 units with any other Bali Active supplier.

Custom Made Designs

We take pride in transforming almost any activewear concept into a tangible reality. With nearly twenty years of expertise in crafting personalized activewear, we have the skillset needed to produce exceptional designs that keep your custom clientele returning for more. It’s our specialty.

If you’re eager to unleash your creativity and witness your vision materialize, we’re here to help bring your designs to fruition.

We understand the value of your time. That’s why scheduling a callback to discuss your designs and ideas often leads to swift approval of samples, saving you days or more in back-and-forth chats. 

A/W 2024 Ready Designs

Our ready-to-order designs feature a blend of our best sellers and the latest trends in 2024/25 fashion. Leveraging our industry expertise, we provide insights into the shapes and colors ordered months in advance by some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Selecting from our ready collection is an excellent solution for those seeking inspiration and entrepreneurs launching their own sustainable activewear brands.

Our Philosohy

We believe you should feel confident and comfortable as well as look amazing in our activewear.

Example Prices

Below are some price points all-inclusive to the finished article assembled using imported recycled Activewear fabrics.

Typically, our Activewear resales for 4.5 times our wholesale price; for example, a full-length legging
at 19.00 USD retails for $89.00.

An example order with us for 300 leggings & sports tops or 250 sets, will only buy 100 sets from any other Bali Activewear supplier.

How To Order

Be clear on your designs

Design Selection

Your first step is to exercise your creative freedom and choose the designs you love for your collection. These can be your own unique custom designs, our ready-to-order designs, or a delightful mix of both. Be aware that we price hard with custom designs similar to our ready-to-order ones.

Select your colours

Select your Colours

The next step is to choose your colours from our stocks or request we import them in 70m lots. We offer a wide selection of approx. 80 on-trend colours that can be cut on demand. Be assured all our fabrics are squat-proof, body-sculpting, and moisture-wicking, ensuring the highest quality for your collection.
Note: stocks are not just leftovers; they are flown in as soon as bulk orders are placed.

See Fabrics & colours

Adding Prints

Adding Prints

If you love prints, you’ve come to the right place. We use super-soft REPREVE® from the US and Power-Fit from Korea, printed with Italian MS Machines and flown in weekly. We require your artwork in vector format EPS, PDF and CDR with a resolution of 300 dpi and to scale.
Our graphics team is available to assist you, in most cases free of charge.

Read more to Add Prints

Price your collection

Fabrics and Colours

We are the most affordable manufacturer in Bali, providing top-quality products made from imported recycled fabrics. Before investing in samples, it’s crucial to establish prices early on to calculate your expected markups and profits.
You can price your designs by clicking the link below.

Take a 2 Minute Tour of Our Facility


Quick Turnarounds

With sample turnaround times starting at seven days, we are proud to provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As long as you provide us with clear and concise design instructions, we can produce patterns in as little as 72 hours and have samples ready to ship within a week, depending on the level of complexity. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Timelines can be affected by how many clients are in the queue, time of year, etc. We will get back to you with any request for samples directly with our best estimate on the time required.

Read More about Sampling

Sample Fees

There are two types of design options available to you – Ready-to-Order (RTO) and Custom designs.

Our RTO designs are meticulously crafted and priced twice as wholesale. Modifications to our designs incur a $30 fee per design.
Custom designs are charged double the marked price plus a $30 management fee. We ensure seamless translation of your design concepts into samples, and any obvious discrepancies are rectified at no extra cost.
Minor edits can be easily handled using our digital pattern maker without the cost of re sampling.

Fabrics & Colours

In addition to stocking an extensive selection of the latest trending colors for 2024, we can import any color that is not currently in stock upon request.
Choosing the right fabric for your activity is crucial to your success. For designing activewear for gym enthusiasts, high-compression fabrics like Eco Olympus are most commonly used. If you need a more flexible fabric suitable for lighter workouts, athleisure wear, or yoga, we recommend Comfort Lux, our most popular fabric.

Colour Example

Activewear Bali Colours

Adding Prints

We print overseas and import printed fabrics in rolls, offering true-to-life color saturation using high-grade printing machines and fabrics not available locally. We are well-known for our printed fabrics. The process of printing fabrics is actually faster than dyeing. However, creating custom prints from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend purchasing ready-made prints from sellers like Shutterstock.

Print Example

Activewear Bali Prints Example

We Give Back

With every order, we donate to Bali Street Mums, a charity run by Kim from NZ. Kim’s aim is to get the children off the streets and into a safe house, away from sexual predators, with proper sanitation & schooling. Contact Kim


The majority of our fabrics are made from salvaged fishing nets and plastic bottles sourced from Italy, Korea, and the United States. The surfing legend Kelly Slater played a significant role in developing these sustainable fabrics from ocean waste. By using recycled fabrics, your brand can rightfully claim it is ethically and sustainably produced by reducing its carbon footprint by up to 80%.


Client Feedback

I've had an incredible experience working with Activewear Bali. The quality of my samples has been fantastic, and I'm excited to be preparing for my first bulk order with them. Chessy especially has been wonderful to work with! 😊🙌🏻 Thanks, guys!

Sinead Disaya

Rise N Shine Yoga

I added some prints, something I never did before. The prints came amazing, the colours were spot on & have lifted my website up several notches; I couldn't be happier with the activewear team. Thanks for all your great workmanship.

Jennifer Austeen

Athletika Sports

I'm totally in love with the cool touch fabrics that Activewear Bali used for my leggings & sports tops. Even in the heaviest workout, I never break a sweat. Also, the compression works perfectly for my active & my yoga wear ladies. I'll be back with my next order ASAP!! 🙂

Natasha Arnawa

Fabrika Active

This is the first time I placed a wholesale order online without knowing the factory. The samples came & only one top had to be tweaked & the production order sold out in the first month. Thanks you Chessy, who worked with & all my concerns. You're a star!!

Howie Howard

Alovina Yoga

We are so happy to work with Activewear Bali. The process was smooth and up to the standards. The products' quality is high, and we love our collection. Thank you for your great work

Aline Ghorayeb

Over & Above Gym Supplies

I received my first round of samples, and it is clear that the activewear Bali team possesses real expertise in manufacturing activewear. Thank you, Chessy and team, for all your help and advice along the way. Looking forward to a long journey with you.

Shreeya Abhirami

Energy Empire

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With 20 years experience in the activewear industry, we have the knowledge, advice, and tactics you’ll need to build a brand that lasts.
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Have Question’s?

With 20 years experience in the activewear industry, we have the knowledge, advice, and tactics you’ll need to build a brand that lasts.
We believe your success relies on effective communication. Click below to start your journey with us.

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